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18th Edition
6 - 29 August 2010

 TPE / Chinese Taipei - Team Composition

Team manager Mr. SU Heng Chen
Head coach Mr. SAKAKUCHI Norimasa
Assistant coach Ms. LIN Wan Ting
Therapist / trainer Mr. LIN Ming Hui
  No. Name Lastname Shirt Name Birthdate Height Weight Spike Block Club
  C 1 Yen Min Teng Teng Y.M. 9/02/1984 172 65 293 286
  2   Yin Feng Tsai Tsai Y.F. 6/11/1984 181 75 291 280 Taiwan Power
  3 Wan Ting Chen Chen W.T. 25/11/1990 178 67 290 280 TAIWAN POWER
  4   Wan Ju Liao Liao W.J. 19/04/1984 175 68 290 275
  5 Ko Jou Wu Wu K.J. 17/11/1985 175 75 285 275 Taiwan Power
  6   Pei Ling Yen Yen P.L. 5/01/1986 174 65 270 268 Taiwan Power
  7 Yi Ting Hsieh Hsieh Y.T. 7/10/1987 166 62 265 250 Taiwan Power
  8   Yen Chih Ho Ho Y.C. 26/11/1987 171 63 280 270 Taiwan Power
  9 Szu Chi Huang Huang S.C. 31/03/1988 180 69 285 275 NTNU
  10   Shu Fen Wu Wu S.F. 7/04/1989 175 68 281 272 Taiwan Power
  11 Ya Chu Yang Yang Y.C. 8/07/1991 173 62 278 268 NTNU
  L 12   Meng Hua Yang Yang M.H. 15/08/1991 170 68 270 262 Taiwan Power
  13 I Tzu Wen Wen I.T. 31/10/1991 175 64 281 273 Taiwan Power
 C=Captain  L=Libero
Team profile

In order to promote our women's team's level, coach SAKAKUCHI Norimasa twas brought into the setup in 2006, then coaching the women's junior side.

Since then, they have selected some potential players who look to improve vastly in the coming years. The main goal is to let our young players have a chance to compete with first class teams in Asia and the world.

This is the first time that they have such long period of time to train. Though it is not an easy task, the team was successfully at the FIVB Women's World Championship in 1986 & 2006 and their is still hope of a top three finish at the Asian Women's Championship.


1. Asian Sr. Women's Volleyball Championship

1991  5th place     1993    4th palce    1995  4th place     1997   4th place  

1999  5th place     2001    5th place    2003 5th place     2005    5th place

2007   7th place    2009    6th place

2.  AVC Women's Cup

2008   6th place

3. Asian Games

2002    4th place         2006      3rd place

4. FIVB Women's World Championship

1986      11th place     2006    12th place


Coach profile

Mr.SAKAKUCHI Norimasa was born in Japan in 1946. He was a  professor at Kaetsu University and led the women's team to the Japan National University League title several times. Following this he led the National Japan University Women's team to participate in the World Univerisade Games.

He has been involved with Chinese Taipei since 2006 when he coached the Chinese Taipei junior women's team. He helped our youth girls' team rank fourth place at the Asian Youth Girls' Volleyball Championship in 2007. In 2008, the junior womens' team ranked second at the Asian Junior Women's Volleyball Championship in Taipei. This was the best record for the side. In 2009, our side ranked fifth at the FIVB Junior Women's World Championship before Norimasa moved on to coach the senior women's side.

Chinese Taipei feel that he can lead the team to an era of progress and lay a solid foundation for a potential new generation of players. He hopes with fervent desire that Chinese Taipei team could have better records during 2010 WGP & 2010 Asian Games than he expects or even tremendous wonders. 


1. FIVB Coach Course Level one

2.Member of Japan Olympic Committee

3. Member of National Women's Division / Japan Volleyball Association

4. Chairman of Coach Committee / Japan Volleyball Association

5. Member of Promotion Committee / Japan Volleyball Association

6. B/A Member / Japan University League

7. Member of Coach Committee / University Women's Team

8. Chaiman / Tokyo County Volleyball League



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