Monday, 10 May 2021
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We worked out our problems says German coach

German head coach Guidetti Giovanni (right) responds to a question


Head Coach Mr. Guidetti Giovanni:
"We have had seven matches so far and Korea is the first Asian team we have played against. As the match against Korea took place in Korea, it was a tough game but we did a good job and we won the game in the end. In the beginning, we made many errors at the service, attack and block but as time went by, we recovered our pace. The first two sets were difficult for us but after the third set we worked out our problems, especially in the fourth set when Korea committed many errors and we could finish the game easily."

Captain Ms. Christinane Furst:
"We were very nervous and had a very hard game at the beginning but we soon gained in confidence again, and at last we won the game. We found it very effective serving to Korea's No. 10 Yeon-Kyoung Kim who was their main attacker."


Head Coach Mr. Lee Sung Hee:
"I want to say that my players played well today. They do not have a lot of experience playing internationally, and their sets and passes are not as good as they could be, yet. In addition, they tend to make a lot of errors during the game. Both of our setters are very young and they have both had their ups and downs.  I am using both of them depending on the situation. Regarding the match against Japan tomorrow, I should say both teams are under great pressure.  All I want to say to my players is that since we are improving consistently, we must show everything we have got tomorrow."

Captain Ms. Kim Se Young:
"We started off well, but as our serve reception became shaky, this is what caused us to lose the game."

Yeon Kyoung Kim:
"I could only show about 80% of my capacity today, but I will show my 100% tomorrow." 


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