Monday, 10 May 2021
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Young players lack experience, says Poland Head Coach Matlak Jerzy

Poland Head Coach Matlak Jerzy shakes hand with Dominican Republic Head Coach Marcos Kwiek



Poland Head Coach Matlak Jerzy


We are glad to win today’s match. As we have already played three games in Hong Kong, both Dominican Republic and our team are very tired. Our team players made some unforced errors due to tiredness.


On the time out at 10-8 in the fifth set

We did not have any change in our strategy.


On our player Anna Wozniakowska

She played very well yesterday, contributing to our winning of the game. However, she did not perform to her best today.


Comment on the two young teams, Poland and Dominican Republic

Even though both Dominican Republic and our team are very young, we still played very well. Our team need to play in more competitions in order to gain more experience.



Poland Captain Aleksandra Jagielo

We are very happy to beat Dominican Republic. We did play poorly in the first and fourth sets, not reaching our normal standard. Nevertheless, we came back in the fifth set and performed better.







Dominican Republic Head Coach Marcos Kwiek

It was a tough match. As Poland beat China yesterday, we knew that it would be a difficult match for us as well. We were very focused in the beginning and yet we lost our concentration later in the match. This is a common situation for a young team. Hence, we will keep training up the young players and get them more prepared for the forthcoming competitions. Once again, congratulations to Poland for winning both yesterday’s and today’s matches.



Dominican Republic Captain Milagros Cabral de la Cruz

We played with strong force in the fourth set. We also started well in the fifth set, but Poland played better in key points.


We were supposed to win the game, but still, congratulations to the Poland team.



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