Tuesday, 18 May 2021
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Improvement needed despite victory, says Chinese coach

China head coach Cai Bin was not satisifed with his team's performance

Dominican Republic

Head Coach Marcos Kwiek:

"It was an exciting battle against China. We played well as a team. The match against the Netherlands tomorrow is important to us, we will certainly improve and play harder. We congratulate sincerely to China and we hope to meet them again in Japan."


Captain Milagros Cabral de la Cruz:

"We are almost qualified to be one of the finalists in spite of losing the match against China today. Though it was a good match, we are still not satisfied with our performance. We will correct our mistakes and try our best to win in every coming match."




Head Coach Cai Bin:

"I am not satisfied with our team’s performance today as our team did not have enough preparation. Our team was stunned by the performance of the Dominican team at the beginning and made a number of receiving errors. We got nervous and were not able to play consistently. With many new players in our team, we still need more time to find our best formation and make adjustments accordingly. We will treasure every match and respect every opponent."


What do you think about audience in Hong Kong?

"The Hong Kong audience are very cheerful and passionate, we want to perform to our best in return. This relies very much on our psychological adjustment before every match. We need to treat every game independently."


Captain Wei Quiyue

"The Dominicans gave us a hard time and stimulated us to improve ourselves in all aspects."


Having secured a place in the Final, does your team feel less stressful and will there be any surprises in the coming matches?


"We will strive to do our best in every match as we see playing in matches a means to strengthen our team."


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