Monday, 10 May 2021
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Poland delighted with the victory but loosing the captain Dorota Swieniewicz

Dorota Swieniewicz is announcing her difficult but final decision

- I am very happy that we finally won the WGP game in Poland but I decided to finish my career in the national team as I can not handle the negative comments and pressure any more – says Polish team captain Dorota Swieniewicz.


Japan captain Erika Araki: „It’s a pity that we lost another game even though we had chances to win first and third set when we played good and got even set points. Now we are coming back to Osaka in order to rebuilt our confidence. We have to analyze our mistakes and improved our weaker points.”


Poland captain Dorota Swieniewicz: „I have finally opportunity to get the congratulations from our rivals. It’s of course very nice feeling and we are happy with this win. We have finally broke the bad series that we had so far in WGP tournaments in Poland and gained our first victory in front of our supporters. I would like to also say that I decided to finish my career in the national team. It was for me very difficult decision and I’m very touched at the moment (Dorota is crying) but I have never experienced such a big pressure and negative comments from media. The volleyball is almost everything for me but I can not handle this pressure and critics any more.”


Japan Head Coach Masayoshi Manabe: „Today we had huge problems with the reception of the Polish players’ services. That was the main reason of our defeat. From tomorrow we have to improve our game and work harder and harder in order to get better results.”


Poland Head Coach Jerzy Matlak: „Finally after three days of big critics and negative comments about our play we managed to beat Japan and gained the historical victory in WGP tournament staged in Poland. However I would like to stress that in my opinion our level of play today was the same like in the previous days. The only difference is that this time we won the game.”





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