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Poland beats the newly formed China Team and wins the stiff match

Poland is so excited after scoring a point by a forceful spike

Hong Kong, August 15, 2009 – Poland revenged their loss against China in Macau by beating China in a tough battle in a five-set match (25-21, 25-21, 18-25, 24-26 and 15-11) on Saturday afternoon. In order to attain the Champion in Pool G, China has to win the coming game against Netherlands on Sunday.


China and Poland started their game by battling back and forth, with Poland taking a slight lead at 7-8 during the first TTO. A series of successful spikes by Anna Baranska and the solid defense of Poland forced China to call for time out twice. China could not avoid defeat when Poland sealed the set at 21-25.


Going down one set, China regrouped and quickly earned three consecutive points as a start (3-0). Poland fought back fearlessly with impressive attacks and succeeded to turn the situation around at 14-13. Credit must be given to the aggressive spikes of Poland when they grasped the rhythm and dominated the set to win at 25-21.


The third set started with a seesaw situation. China showed significant improvements after losing the first two sets. Under Xue Ming’s and Hui Ruoqi’s powerful attacks, Poland was forced to call for the second timeout at 13-19. However, the incredibly determined China defeated Poland at this critical set at 25-18.


Unable to sustain their morale, China was 2 points behind Poland at first TTO (6-8). The concrete blocks by Poland aided the team to uphold the leading advantage until the second TTO (16-13). Supported by the cheering of the audience, the spirit of China was boosted up towards the end of the set. With a series of assertive spikes, China did not only bounce back to take the lead, but even wrapped up the set at 26-14. 


In the decisive set, Poland put China under great pressure, leaving them no room to breathe. Using up all timeouts did not help China to change the situation. Poland regained their glory throughout the set and summed up the match at 15-11.


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