Friday, 3 December 2021
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Brazil defends champion title in Macau

The last match in Macau station is China in opponent to Brazil. Both teams beat Poland and Thailand in the last two games and today they fought for the champion in Pool E. Under the support of over 90% of the audience, China got the rhythm soon at the beginning of the game. They gained 4 points in a row (4:0) and head the Brazil Team with 5 points in the first technical timeout (8:5). As the World Champion, Brazil soon regained their form and caught up with China and took a 3-point lead in the second technical timeout (13:16). China once shortened the distance to just 1 point, but several unprompted mistakes gave a chance to Brazil to gain points in a row and got the first set. (21:25).

In the second set, China still was not able to find out their rhythm. This made the Brazil players become more confident and soon widened the distance to 5 points (3:8). China reinforced their spikes but too much serving mistakes kept them 5 points behind Brazil in the second technical timeout (11:16). With wonderful blockings, China grasped 3 points in a row (14:16) and Brazil had to ask for a timeout. Afterward, both teams played point by point. Once again, China made too much mistakes and let Brazil to win one more set with 5 points distance (20:25).

After losing two sets, China seemed to lose their confident. The spikes from China #10 Wang Y. M. could not break the blockings of Brazil and let Brazil headed 3 points in the first technical timeout (5:8). China Head Coach asked #1 Li J. to substitute #10 Wang Y. M. Afterward, China started to get their rhythm and caught up with Brazil to take 2 points leading (10:8). Being the oldest player in the China Team, #1 Li. J used her experiences to help China keep their advantage in the second technical timeout (16:13). Her great performance also lighted up the spirit of other China players and soon China widened the distance to 21:15. Finally, China brought these 6 points difference to end this set (25:19).

After getting one set, China seemed to be less stressful and more confident. The third set started with a seesaw situation and neither of the teams could get more than 1-point advantage. When Brazil player #1 Fabiana spiked a out ball, China took the first lead in this set (9:8). #8 Hui R. Q., the youngest player in China Team, also showed her talent and good performance in this match. Her spikes help China kept the 1-point lead in the second technical timeout (16:15). The first 2-point leading appeared after the ace serve from China Team Captain #11 Wei Q.Y. Afterward, China started to take the control of the game and widen the distance to 19:15. Brazil made some substitutions in the players and this help shorten the distance to just 2 points (20:18). China player #8 Hui R. Q. once again use her energy to bring China one more set (25:22) and brought the game back to the starting point (set 2:2).

In the decisive set, both China and Brazil showed their greatest eager to the victory but he unlimited energy from China young player took the control of the game. Aggressive spikes from #8 Hui R.Q. and the “China Great Wall” #2 Xue M. help China widen the distance to 4 points (8:4). However, Brazil did not give up so easily. They once shortened the distance to 1 point (10:9) with powerful spikes and China Head Coach had to ask for a timeout. By the two ace serves from #7 Mari, Brazil over ran China with 2 points (11:13). Finally, Brazil finished today’s game with a powerful spike from #13 Sheilla and became the champion in Macau.

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