Friday, 3 December 2021
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Poland fought hard to gain back victory from Thailand

In the last two matches, Poland and Thailand lost the games to Brazil and China. Today they fought for the second runner up. As the game started, both teams show their greatest ambitions and did not allow each side to take any advantages. With fewer mistakes, Thailand headed Poland with two points in the first technical timeout (6:8). The Thailand players continued their good performance of the yesterday match vs China. Player #15 K. Malika’s spikes broke the defense of Poland Team and kept the advantage of 2 points after the second technical timeout (16:18). Thailand once widened the distance to 4 points (20:24) but Poland did not give up. Their solid blockings made Thailand could not get any points and finally, Poland gained 6 points in a row and took the first set (26:24).

After the tough time in the last set, Poland regained their form soon and took a 4-point lead in the first technical timeout (8:4). Even though Poland made some mistakes in serving like nets and out, their solid blockings still kept them head the Thailand Team in a large distance (19:11). The Thailand players seemed to lose their confidents and let Poland to grasp points in a row and get one more set (25:13).

After getting one more set, Poland was more confident and got the rhythm of the game at the very beginning of the set. They led the Thailand Team with 3 points in the first technical timeout. Several unprompted mistakes from Thailand gave an opportunity to Poland to widen the gap to 12:7. With better blockings, Thailand once shortened the distance to 1 point (15:14) and even took a slight lead (16:17). Afterward, the game went point by point. With more stable performance, Poland soon run over Thailand (24:21) and finally Poland won today’s game (3:0) and took the position of second runner up in Macau. 

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