Tuesday, 18 May 2021
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Whoever sustains the hyper pressure well, wins!

High spirits opened the last match in Miaoli between Germany and the USA as both teams cheered loudly right from the start of warming up.  Germany, sharp and lucid as usual, started the match with superior its while American put on rigid defence to secure their ground.  The game began to drag with Germany taking a constant 3-point lead to the end as American could not come up with better solution to close up the gap.

Germany speeded up scoring by enhancing serve to disturb American's reception and improving back-row defence to organise various combinations to confuse the USA.  American could not break through the impasse to organise effective attacks but gave only random threats to Germany.  However, Germany took it too easy while American took the chance to score more and closed up the gap to 11-12.  The game began to tense up when both teams made unforced errors with serving.  Germany responded to the situation quickly and stablised with several back hits by Captain 11. Christiane Fürst.  American was busy with adapting to the new situation and was not fast enough to respond as Germany took the set by 25-18.

Despite bad start on the USA side in the third set, American showed their fighting spirits again to close up the gap from 11-17 to 20-20.  From then, a seesaw struggle began between the two teams with each point counted.  American young players could not sustain the hyper pressure and concentrated to the end as Germany spared no mercy.  As chances wasted on the USA side, Germany wing spiker 7. Heike Beier took the last hit hard and sharp, successfully led the team to victory.


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