Monday, 10 May 2021
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American young spirits fought hard for the first victory in Miaoli

USA No.10 Kristin Richards spikes pass Dominican double-block by No.1 Vargas Valdez Annerys & No.17 Mambru Altagracia

     Match No.19 of 2009 World Grand Prix between USA and Dominican Republic began under the threats of heavy rain and strong wind brought by Typhoon in Miaoli, Taiwan.  Both teams, high in spirits, put on full force, sparkling the Miao Li Arena with superior performance.  USA managed to pull away after the second technical timeout while tension spreading deep among Dominican players with several mistakes in a row.  American team captain No.12, Nancy Metcalf, spiked the last point hard and helped USA pocket the set with confidence.

     Dominican Republic came back hard with enhanced blocking and succeeded in intercepting American's wing spikes.  Despite leading the set to the first technical timeout, Dominican took advantages more of mistakes by American's service than self constructions.  As American learned the situation quickly, got back on feet, put up speed and got variations fast in place, and gained back the ground effectively.  Stablised in point-gaining at the USA side, Dominican messed up the lead by a series of mistakes in serve-receive, which subsequently resulted in loss of the second set.

     It was no easy to come back for Dominican as American deepened their invasion right into Dominican's weakness in defence and serve-receive.  Dominican managed to stablise after the second technical timeout as turbulence happened to American's service again.  With the sign of coming back, Dominican had speeded up in point-gaining by enhanced defence and block-cover to reach the last point of the third set before American fingered their tail wind.  Confidence returned to Dominican as wing spiker No.11 Jeoselyna Rodriguez Santos and middle spiker No.1 Annerys Vargas Valdez took turn in taking advantages of American's deep sinking in tension.  American's invasion was blocked back hard as Dominican played cleverer games.  The effect reflected quickly on Dominican's grid on scoreboard as Dominican took the fourth set by 25-21.

More tension spread out from the beginning of the deciding fifth set between Dominican Republic and American.  Both teams were unable to pull away from one another when playing under pressure.  Several spike-outs at critical moments by American encouraged Dominican's further as well as stonger invasion.  American young players managed to hold the breath in the seesaw struggle as Dominican made the key mistake at the last point and took the hard-fought match.


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