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17th Edition
31 July - 23 August 2009

 CHN / China - Team Composition

Team manager Xu Li
Head coach Cai Bin
Assistant coach Yu Juemin
Doctor Wei Yongji
Therapist / trainer Lai Yawen
  No. Name Lastname Shirt Name Birthdate Height Weight Spike Block Club
  1 Juan Li None 15/05/1981 187 72 315 305 Tianjin
  2   Ming Xue Xue M. 23/02/1987 193 72 324 315 Beijing
  3 Yu Luo Luo Y. 27/02/1987 190 75 310 300 Zhejiang
  4   Yunli Xu Xu Y.L. 2/08/1987 196 75 317 315 Fujian
  5 Yunwen Ma Ma Y.W. 19/10/1986 189 76 315 312 Shanghai
  6   Jinling Chu Chu J.L. 29/07/1984 190 72 310 302 Liaoning
  L 7 Xian Zhang Zhang X. 16/03/1985 168 57 290 280 Guangdong Evergrande
  8   Ruoqi Hui Hui R.Q. 4/03/1991 189 70 312 305 Jiangsu
  9 Yanni Zhao Zhao Y.N. 23/10/1988 187 70 310 305 Sichuan
  10   Yimei Wang Wang Y.M. 11/01/1988 190 87 318 305 Liaoning
  C 11 Qiuyue Wei Wei Q.Y 26/09/1988 182 75 305 300 Tianjin
  12   Na Yin Yin N. 3/02/1988 182 65 305 300 Tianjin
  13 Xuan Huo Huo X. 27/01/1988 190 68 312 305 Henan
  14   Chen Wang Wang C. 29/10/1990 182 70 312 302 Sichuan
  15 Meng Yin Yin M. 11/01/1984 190 76 320 318 Hebei
  16   Qian Wang None 14/03/1989 174 65 305 295 Tianjin
  17 Chunlei Zeng Zeng C.L. 3/11/1989 187 67 315 315 Beijing
  18   Jingsi Shen Sheng J.S. 3/05/1989 185 78 305 300 Army
 C=Captain  L=Libero
Team profile

As one of the top women's volleyball teams in the world, the Chinese National Women's Team is an energetic and competitive group with its own unique features.

With an excellent group effort from all the players, the team won bronze at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. After the Games, in order to adjust to the developing trends in women's international volleyball and taking the team's features and styles into consideration, China made some changes, including the inclusion of many young players in great physical condition and possessing exceptional skills.

Under the guidance of former head coach Chen Zhonghe, the Chinese National Women's Volleyball Team won two Olympic medals-one gold and one bronze. Under energetic new coach Cai Bin, who is also very young and has his own style of coaching, the team is aiming for even more success. 

The Chinese National Team places an importance on improving its height and power while at the same time retaining it's unique abilities: speed, fluidity, comprehension, accuracy and agility.

By experimenting with innovative new tactics in training and playing against world-class opponents in international competitions during the new Olympic cycle, the Chinese Women's National Team will rely on its fighting spirit and unity to remain one of the top teams in the world.


Coach profile

Biography of the Head Coach of Chinese National Women's Team


Mr. Cai Bin, the new head coach of Chinese National Women's Team was born in the year of 1966.


From 1984 to 1997, Mr. Cai Bin played in the Shanhai Volleyball Team and Chinese Men's Volleyball team and won the second place in the 1997 Asian Men's Volleyball Championship with his teammates.


At the end of 1997, Mr. Cai Bin became the head coach of Shanghai Women's Volleyball Team. Under the leadership of him, the Shanghai Women's Volleyball Team won the championship of the National Women's Volleyball League Tournament A-Level for four successive years.


In the year of 2002, Mr. Cai Bin was selected as the head coach of the Chinese Junior Women's Team. Under his guideless, the team won the top places of the Asian Women's Junior Volleyball Championship for four times successively and got medals in the World Women's Junior Championship in the year of 2001,2003,2005,2007.


In April 2009, Mr. Cai Bin take over the role of the head coach of Chinese Women's Team.




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