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World Grand Prix 2005 - Match Descriptive

Match Descriptive

Italy beat China 3-0 (25-22, 25-22, 25-22) - duration 1:25
10-Jul, start time: 15:45, end time: 17:10 - Attendance: 10'000
City: Hong Kong; Hall : Hong Kong Coliseum
Italy defeated China in three straight sets.
Surprise Finals in the FIVB World Grand Prix in Hong Kong
Italy defeated China in three straight sets.

The match begins with a wild cheering from the audience in the Hong Kong Coliseum. China showed quality spikes while Italy demonstrated concrete blocks. China managed to lead a slight gap of two points at the first technical timeout. Italy then broke through the seesaw situation and led two points ahead China of at the second technical timeout. The China captain #2 Feng Kun, was able to grasp the opportunities to facilitate players in forceful fast attacks. The winning team of the set could hardly be distinguished till Italy actually got the twenty-fifth point.

Seemingly the failure in getting the first set did not frustrate any China player Confident smiles were still shining on the China team. The Italy player #3 Elisa Cella slammed effective spikes allowing Italy led one point at the first technical timeout. Italy made good use of the three dimensions of the volleyball court in delivering a series of powerful attacks and concrete blocks. Italy further widened the gap before the second technical timeout. When lagging behind by seven points, China had no choice but called for a timeout. The China players revived quickly and narrow the gap to 22:24. Italy took the second set.

Despite the advantage of getting the previous two sets, the Italy players did not lose their focus. Italy earned each point with cautious and tactful teamwork and they appeared even more focus instead. With great effort, China clinched Italy to 15:15 with the encouraging support of the spectators and the China substitutes players in the warming-up area. The first timeout in the set was called immediately right after unforced serving error made by China. China managed to pull back to 19 all. However, Italy gained three straight points with credit to the powerful serves by #3 Elisa Cella. Showing no mercy to the host team, Italy continued its attacks relentlessly to win the set and the exciting match.