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World Grand Prix 2005 - Press Conference

Press conference

Cuba beat China 3-2 (10-25, 20-25, 25-19, 25-20, 15-13) - duration 1:50
13-Jul, start time: 11:37, end time: 13:27 - Attendance: 3'800
City: Sendai; Hall : Sendai City Gymnasium
YUMILKA RUIZ (CUBA CAPTAIN): "We had a very bad start but gradually we could find our own momentum.
This victory is quite significant and I am very satisfied with what we achieved today."

FELIPE CALDERON (CUBA HEAD COACH): "Against the Olympic champions I think we performed very well.
From the third set we showed our potential, and once we produced our own volleyball we could show how good we are. This will give the players, especially the young ones, a lot of confidence.
Hopefully we can continue at this level until the last day."

CHU JINLING (CHINA No. 5): "We played at our usual high level in the first two sets, particularly our serving and our attack, but from the third, suddenly we had many problems.
Our blocking was not good enough against Cuba's strong attacks, and I am not satisfied at all with this performance."

CHEN ZHONGHE (CHINA HEAD COACH): "Our young players (Chu Jinling and Ma Yunwen) played well, but from the third set we completely lost our momentum."