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2005 edition

Since the inception of Russian women's Volleyball in 1949 (at the time called USSR) there has been no other country, which has matched them for results.

Tall, lean and formidable have been the characteristics which have dominated this country over the years and brought with them four Olympic titles, five World Championships, the World Grand Prix three times, a World Cup, a World Grand Champion Cup and the European Championship title 17 times. An astonishing tradition and one that is still firing in 2004.

The number five ranked side in the world is aiming to reclaim the World Grand Prix title which they won in 2002 but relinquished to China last season. With such attacking stars as Evgenia Artamonova, Elizaveta Tichtchenko, Anastasia Belikova, Ekaterina Gamova and setter Olga Choukanova in their ranks they will be once again a tough team to handle.

Twenty-three-year-old Gamova and Potachova, 27, both standing at an incredible 204cm, are the best illustrations of Russia's "lethal weapons" and demonstrate the hurdle, both physical and psychological, that other teams must overcome when opposing this Russian team.

Their third-place finish at the 2002 World Championship was a surprise for not only Russia but the rest of the Volleyball community after heading into the tournament as favourites on the back of the 2002 World Grand Prix success.

Add to that a fifth place finish at the 2003 European Championships and their failure to qualify for the 2003 World Cup and some may feel this team has entered something of a rut. But there is no doubting that with such a powerful lineup and rich history in the sport it won't be too long before this Russian side will occupy the top spot on the podium again.

Overall Standings for Russia
Word Grand Prix Played Total Matches played Win Lost % Wins
11 127 87 40 68.50