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Match Descriptive

China beat Thailand 3-0 (25-19, 25-20, 25-9) - duration 1:13
16-Jul, start time: 20:35, end time: 21:48 - Attendance: 2'230
City: Hong Kong, China; Hall : Hong Kong Coliseum
China edges out Thailand 3-0
Thailand vs China

China edges out Thailand 3-0
With the supportive cheers of the players in the warming area, Thailand led China at the very beginning of the first set. However, China started to shine in the middle of the set with the applause of the fans in the stadium. Credit to the aggressive spikes on the net by no.18 of the China team, Ping Zhang, China closed the set winning 25-19.

With fierce strikes and solid defense, China players still took command in the second set. On the contrary, facing such tremendous team, the young and fresh players of Thailand could still do comparatively well in the match. Not surprisingly, China clinched the set with 25-20.

The rhythm was still with China in the final set. They demonstrated their superb spiking and blocking abilities leading the match to 21-6. Thanks to the powerful jump serves by the China team players. The China team took the set 25-9 and ran off winners.