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World Grand Prix 2004 - Press Info

Press conference

Japan beat Russia 3-1 (12-25, 25-20, 25-19, 27-25) - duration 1:42
16-Jul, start time: 15:11, end time: 16:53 - Attendance: 5'300
City: Jakarta, Indonesia; Hall : Istora
16-Jul, start time: 3:11 , end time: 4:53 - Attendance : 5,300
City: Jakarta, Indonesia; Istora Senayan

TOMOKO, Yoshihara (JPN- Captain)
"At the beginning of the game, we start with a high tension and we
didn't performed so well. But later on, we start to build the pace of the game."

YANAGIMOTO, Shoichi (JPN Head Coach)
"At the beginning, we depend on the combination libero Narita Ikumi with
Kimura Saori, but the team did not play well. After we changed the player with
Takahashi Miyuki, the team played very solid, so we can get our game. While
We also saw the Russia's defense is not so good."

ALEXANDRA, Korukovets (RUS-Captain)
"Today, we played really bad, while Japan played well. They are such a great
team and they are really strong. We made lots of mistakes. Therefore we'll
perform better tomorrow."

OMELCHENKO, Mikhail (RUS Team Manager)
"This is our first performance. We were nervous and Japan were relax, and
they got good result. We were really bad; what a shame. We wish we could