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  2007 Men's World Cup
 BUL / Bulgaria - Team Composition
Team manager TODOROV Ivan
Head coach STOEV Martin
Assistant coach TODOROV Vladislav
Doctor ZAHARIEV Dinko
Therapist / trainer ISKREV Iskren
Journalist YOVKOV Sasho
  No. Name Lastname Shirt Name Birthdate Height Weight Spike Block Club
1 Evgeni Ivanov Ivanov E. 03.06.1974 210 98 351 340 Jastrzebski Wegiel SA
2   Hristo Tsvetanov Tsvetanov 29.03.1978 198 85 345 330 ASUL Lyon
3 Andrey Zhekov Zhekov 12.03.1980 190 82 340 326 Tomis
4   Boyan Yordanov Yordanov 12.03.1983 197 86 358 335 Fonicas
5 Krasimir Gaydarski Gaydarski 23.02.1983 204 96 350 330 SCC Berlin
6   Matey Kaziyski Kaziyski 23.09.1984 203 98 370 335 Al-Rayyan Sports Club
7 Nikolay Nikolov N. Nikolov 29.07.1986 206 97 350 332 Sporting Lisboa
8   Ivan Stanev Stanev 07.07.1985 190 86 335 325 Neftohimik
11 Vladimir Nikolov Nikolov V. 03.10.1977 200 95 345 325 ASU Lyon
L 13   Teodor Salparov Salparov 16.08.1982 187 77 320 305 Neftochimik
15 Todor Aleksiev Aleksiev 21.04.1983 204 105 355 340 Olympiacos Piraeus
C 17   Plamen Konstantinov Konstantinov 14.06.1973 202 93 350 330 Iraklis THESSALONIKI
 C=Captain  L=Libero
Team Profile   Coach Profile

In 2007, it will be 86 years since volleyball came to Bulgaria. It all began in 1922. For a short time volleyball reached a big popularity and became one of most practiced sport in Bulgaria. In 1942 was organized the first National Volleyball Championship. We have more 111 registered volleyball clubs and over 5500 volleyball players from all age groups.

The Bulgarian Senior Men’s national team has been participating successfully in World and European Championships, Olympic Games and international tournaments for almost for 50 years. The Bulgarian national team finished third for its first participation in the World Championship in Prague (1949). The team also won the bronze in Moscow (1952) at the World Championships and in Paris (1986). At the World Championships in Sofia (1970) the team finished at the second place and at the World Championships in Japan, Tokyo (2006) – 3rd place.

At the European Championships, the Bulgarian team finished nine times among the first six teams and four times among the medallists: 1951 - in Paris (second place) and bronze medals: in 1955 (Bucharest), in 1981 - (Varna) and in 1983 (Berlin).

In 1957 in National Stadium "Vassil Levski" (in Sofia) was provided a demonstrative tournament after which volleyball became an official member of the Olympic family. The Bulgarian volleyball players were participants in the first Olympic tournament in Tokyo (1964), where they finished at 5th place, in Mexico (1968) - 6th place, in Munich (1972) - 4th place, in Moscow (1980) - 2nd place, in Seoul (1988) - 6th place and in Atlanta (1996) - 7th place.

In some demonstrative "Matches of the World volleyball Stars" were included Bulgarian volleyball players such as: P. Petkov, B. Kiosev, L. Ganev, D. Tonev.

In 1994 the Bulgarian national team was included for the first time in the World League and finished at the 4th place.

At this moment there are some very good volleyball players in the Bulgarian national team such as: Plamen Konstantinov, Evgeni Ivanov i Hristo Tsvetanov and young good players as: Matey Kaziyski, Danail Milushev, Andrey Zhekov, Boyan Yordanov etc.

Best Ranking of Bulgarian Senior Men’s National team:

Olympic Games
Munich’72 – 4th place

Moscow’80 – 2nd place
Atlanta’92 – 6th place

World League
Madrid’03 – 5th place
Rome’04 – 4th place
Belgrade’05 – 5th place
Moscow’06 – 4th place
Poland’07 – 5th place

Prague’49 – 3rd place
Moscow’52 – 3rd place
Moscow’62 – 4th place
Sofia’70 – 2nd place
Paris’86 – 3rd place
Tokyo’06 – 3rd place

Rome’48 – 4th place
Paris’51 – 2nd place
Bucarest’55 – 3rd place
Prague’58 – 4th place
Bucarest’63 – 4th place
Varna’81 – 3rd place
Berlin’83 – 3rd place
Athens’95 – 4th place
Moscow’07 – 8th place


Martin Stoyanov Stoev

Born on 03.10.1971 in Sofia (BUL)

He was playing volleyball since 1984 till 2005. Enlisted in the National team from 1991 to 1999, he has played over 200 matches with Bulgarian team, 3 times National champion of Bulgaria (twice with the team of Levski Siconco, 1 – Minior Buhovo). World Junior Champion in 1981 in Cairo, where he was nominated as MVP of the competition.

Since 2005 Head coach of Bulgarian Senior Men’s National team, following achievements:

- 2005 – the team qualify for the World Championship & 5th place at WL

- 2006 – the team qualify for the European Championship, 4th place at WL & 3rd place on the WCH in Japan

- 2007 – 8th place at ECH, 5th place at WL