FIVB Volleyball Girls' U18 World Championship


Press releases

30.06.2013 23:37:05
China paint it red for second time in history

Brno, Czech Republic, June 30, 2013 – In front 4,000 thrilled spectators, world No. 1 China clinched their second FIVB Women’s U20 World Champions... More...

30.06.2013 22:52:20
China coach Jiande Xu: There is no secret for China’s success in this age category. It is just hard work

Brno, Czech Republic, June 30, 2013 – China coach Jiande Xu and Japan coach Yasuhiro Fukuda shared their emotions at the press conference after Sund... More...

30.06.2013 22:33:36
China win gold beating Japan 3-0 at Women’s U20 World Championship

Brno, Czech Republic, June 30, 2013 – The gold medal at the Women’s U20 World Championship goes to China, which was missing it since their first v... More...

30.06.2013 22:03:25
Brasil Rosamaria Montibeller: We wanted the gold, but we are very happy for this bronze medal

30.06.2013 21:09:55
My team had the possibility to finish in the top eight, says Bulgaria coach

30.06.2013 20:26:34
Bulgaria sign off with 3-0 victory over Chinese Taipei

30.06.2013 20:21:36
Bronze for Brazil, their 12th medal in 17 editions

30.06.2013 18:30:30
Czech Republic captain Lucie Herbockova: For the first time in this tournament we could please our coach

30.06.2013 18:15:17
Czech Republic smile after the tie break with Peru

30.06.2013 17:48:29
The key point of the tournament was our loss against the Dominican Republic, says Colombia captain

30.06.2013 17:09:57
Colombia see off Egypt in straight sets to clinch 13th spot

30.06.2013 15:26:50
I would like to thank my coach, says Lizbeth Sainz

30.06.2013 15:14:43
Turkey coach Edman Gökhan: A 5th place is the best result ever for Turkey in this category, so we have to be satisfied

30.06.2013 14:52:59
5th place is for Turkey, Russia defeated 3-1

30.06.2013 14:51:02
Lizbeth Sainz leads Mexico to 3-0 over Algeria

30.06.2013 13:52:31
We played as a team today, says Thailand captain

30.06.2013 13:23:53
Thailand power to second victory

30.06.2013 12:09:30
Dominican Republic coach Roberto Rocha Wagner: It's a young team and we were better from game to game

30.06.2013 11:57:52
Serbia close the World Championship with 7th position ahead of Dominican Republic

30.06.2013 10:59:31
We were in a very tough pool, says USA coach

30.06.2013 10:25:00
USA sweep Puerto Rico to finish on a high note

29.06.2013 23:06:31
World No. 1 China and Japan to battle for gold at Women’s U20 World Champs

29.06.2013 21:48:02
Bulgaria coach Dimo Tonev: Our main weapon against Peru today was the service

29.06.2013 21:40:55
Bulgaria defeat Peru 3-0, 9th place will be their goal

29.06.2013 21:20:57
It was our better defence that decided the game, says Japan coach

29.06.2013 21:20:08
Japan beat Italy in four to reach final at Women’s U20 World Champs

29.06.2013 20:06:54
Colombia coach Mauro Marasciulo: I’m very satisfied with the match even if two of the three best players of Mexico didn’t play

29.06.2013 19:50:15
In this age category, China is stronger than Brazil, says China coach

29.06.2013 19:48:40
Colombia beat Mexico 3 – 1 and will face Egypt on Sunday

29.06.2013 19:19:24
China outclass Brazil to fly to Sunday’s final of U20 World Champs

29.06.2013 17:49:40
We lost in the pool phase but could take revenge today, says Chinese Taipei coach

29.06.2013 17:18:41
Egypt captain Farida El Askalany: We were very tired from yesterday but we played a good match

29.06.2013 17:18:21
Chinese Taipei sweep host Czech Republic in straight sets

29.06.2013 17:05:28
Egypt beat Algeria in an African classic at Vodova hall

29.06.2013 15:33:27
I have a lot of respect for what the Dominicans showed today, says Turkey coach

29.06.2013 15:21:50
Thailand captain Kuttika Kaewpin: We finally won, so it’s another feeling for me than in the previous matches

29.06.2013 15:17:07
Turkey overpower Dominican Republic in five-set thriller

29.06.2013 15:16:15
Thailand's first win, 3-0 to Puerto Rico

29.06.2013 12:50:05
It was just a fair game for us, says USA captain Jordan Burgess

29.06.2013 12:42:04
USA beat Nigeria 3-0 in the round robin for 17-20 placements

29.06.2013 12:39:46
We served well and showed extraordinary fighting spirit, says Russia coach

29.06.2013 12:23:03
Russia prove too strong for Serbia

28.06.2013 23:43:43
Japan outfox Turkey to reach semis, China continue perfect run

28.06.2013 22:33:12
Dominican Republic coach Roberto Rocha Wagner: We have a young team, the girls are just 18

28.06.2013 22:24:37
Italy among the first four in the world thanks to a 3-0 win against Dominican Republic

28.06.2013 22:00:57
I told me players to forget the result and just play, says Bulgaria coach

28.06.2013 21:45:28
Bulgaria come from behind to overpower Colombia

28.06.2013 20:34:54
Czech Republic coach Ondrej Marek: We could lose the game, and that was just us

28.06.2013 20:24:48
Czech Republic win the tie break against Egypt to qualify for classification 9-12

28.06.2013 19:42:53
We played on a higher level than before, says China super star

28.06.2013 19:08:56
China beat Russia 3-0 to advance to semis with perfect record

28.06.2013 17:57:27
Brasil captain Rosamaria Montibeller: we did everything we could to make our dream come true

28.06.2013 17:46:57
It's semifinal for Brazil. Serbia is beaten 3-0

28.06.2013 17:46:24
We need to learn to play under big pressure, says Peru coach

28.06.2013 17:10:24
Peru edge Mexico in thrilling five-setter

28.06.2013 15:29:40
Japan captain Momoka Oda: We fought and fought and now we are in the semifinals

28.06.2013 15:16:12
A surprising Japan beat world No. 4 Turkey to enter the semifinals

28.06.2013 14:47:11
We had to play with a good focus, says Chinese Taipei coach

28.06.2013 13:54:28
Chinese Taipei rush past Algeria

28.06.2013 12:51:56
Our middles did a great job today, says USA captain

28.06.2013 12:37:18
USA rumble past Thailand 3-1

28.06.2013 12:18:55
Nigeria captain Mercy Promise: Puerto Rico were better organized than us

28.06.2013 11:38:08
Puerto Rico secure their first victory against Nigeria

26.06.2013 23:28:21
The favourites advance to the quarterfinals at Women’s U20 World Champs

26.06.2013 22:28:10
I am happy my team mates helped me out today, says Dominican captain

26.06.2013 22:06:41
Dominican Republic continue winning streak

26.06.2013 21:31:55
Brazil captain Rosamaria Montibeller: On Saturday we are going to play against Serbia, a very strong contender

26.06.2013 21:25:55
A quarterfinal entry for Brazil with their fifth victory

26.06.2013 19:56:49
The Czechs played well, says China’s top scorer Ting Zhu

26.06.2013 19:56:39
Bulgaria coach Dimo Tonev: Italy had excellent blocking and their setter played wonderfully

26.06.2013 19:43:53
Italy get a ticket for quarterfinal with a win against Bulgaria

26.06.2013 19:16:28
China power past host Czech Republic to remain unbeaten

26.06.2013 17:54:18
Egypt coach Hesham Badrawy: We played a very good game in the second set and we could win it

26.06.2013 17:40:16
Russia enters the quarterfinals with a 3-0 win against Egypt

26.06.2013 17:14:08
We felt our legs and shoulders today, says Japan captain

26.06.2013 16:45:50
Japan put out Peru in straight sets

26.06.2013 15:04:12
Our target is to become the champion or at least the podium, says Turkey captain Damla Cakiroglu

26.06.2013 14:34:58
We are looking forward to the quarterfinal against Brazil, says Serbia's Lukic

26.06.2013 14:27:42
Turkey defeat Mexico 3-0 to enter the quarterfinals

26.06.2013 14:02:51
Serbia start medal race with 3-0 over Chinese Taipei

25.06.2013 23:24:01
The Dominican Republic conclude first round with fourth consecutive win

25.06.2013 21:45:30
Colombia captain Andrea Estrada: What we’ve done against China is enough, but tomorrow we want a victory

25.06.2013 21:37:47
China beat Colombia 3-0 being the only team with a 12-0 set record

25.06.2013 21:15:44
We needed to test our best line-up, says Italy coach

25.06.2013 20:40:08
Italian middles key to straight sets win over Nigeria

25.06.2013 20:38:30
We were glad to play against the home team in such a beautiful atmosphere, says Chinese Taipei captain Wei-Hua Wu

25.06.2013 20:19:20
Chinese Taipei can't stop host team Czech Republic at Kajot arena

25.06.2013 19:20:46
We gave USA a hard time, says Russia captain

25.06.2013 19:07:23
Russia conclude pool phase on a high note

25.06.2013 17:49:32
Thailand coach Nataph Srisamutnak: Unfortunately we only have one tall player, against teams like Serbia is not enough

25.06.2013 17:40:09
Serbia close their pool round with a 3-0 vs Thailand

25.06.2013 16:56:24
We need excellent team spirit for the round of 16, Turkey captain says

25.06.2013 16:29:45
Turkey improve their record to 4-0 by beating Algeria in straight sets

25.06.2013 15:16:37
Puerto Rico Captain Maria Pilar Victoria: We're disappointed that we could not even win one match

25.06.2013 15:12:20
It was important for us to finish first in Pool C, says Brazil coach

25.06.2013 14:34:37
The Caribbean Classic goes to unbeaten Dominican Republic

25.06.2013 14:30:48
Brazil finish on top of Pool C with perfect record

24.06.2013 22:51:10
We need games like tonight to grow, says Serbia coach

24.06.2013 22:26:54
World No. 5 USA book first win at Women’s U20 World Champs

24.06.2013 22:17:11
Serbia edge past Japan 3-2 at Women’s U20 World Champs