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Lima and Trujillo, Peru

The 16 best women's junior teams from all the five continents will vie for the World Championship title in Lima and Trujillo, Peru from July 22-31. This is the second time in the history that the two Peruvian cities welcome the event after playing hosts in 1989. Women's volleyball has become even more popular in Peru since then and the FIVB Volleyball Women's Junior World Championship 2011 promises to be one of the most exciting events for the country.

Peru's capital, Lima, is located in the central part of the country, on a desert coast overlooking the Pacific Ocean. With a population fast approaching 9 million, Lima is the largest city in Peru and the fifth largest city in Latin America.

Once the heart of Spain's South American empire, modern Lima is a huge metropolis crammed with culture, and a history that pre-dates the Incas.

While Lima's past gives the city its unique colour, it has moved with the pace of modernity and now boasts strong industries and services. As Peru's economic powerhouse, Lima is home to around one third of the country's people.

It is also a gateway to Peru's marvels of Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca and the Amazon jungle.

Trujillo lies north west of Peru and is the country's third largest city. It is known as the City of Everlasting Spring because of its beautiful weather all year round. Trujillo is an important economic hub and an inland commercial and transport center for the surrounding farming areas.

Trujillo is the home of important archaeological sites from pre-Columbian civilizations such as Chan Chan, the largest adobe city in the ancient world, designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1986; and the temples of the Sun (the largest adobe pyramid in Peru) and Moon.


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Venue 2
Gran Chimu Coliseum

With a seating capacity of 8,900 spectators, the Gran Chimu Gymnasium is one of the biggest gymnasiums in the country. It was the scene of the FIVB Volleyball Senior World Championship in 1982 and the FIVB Volleyball Junior World Championship in 1989. 22 years later it will host the tournament again.

1st Round:
Pool A and Pool C will play in Trujillo


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Venue 1
Eduardo Dibós Coliseum

The Eduardo Dibós Coliseum, located in the San Borja district, is a multiple sports compound with stands capable of seating 5,000 spectators. It has become the main arena for Peru Volleyball since its inauguration in 1989 with the FIVB Volleyball Women´s Junior Championship. It has regularly hosted several continental events from all categories as well as qualification tournaments to World Championships and Olympic Games.

1st Round:
Pool B and Pool D will play in Lima