BRA / Brazil - Team Composition

Team manager Helcio Nunan Macedo
Head coach Luizomar de Moura
Assistant coach Marco Antônio Queiroga
Doctor Rodrigo Vaz
Therapist / trainer Julio Cesar Lanzelotti
Journalist Clarissa Laurence
    No.   Name Lastname Shirt Name Birthdate Height Weight Spike Block Club
  2 Sthefanie Paulino Sthefanie 04.03.1993 188 77 310 287 Minas Tênis Clube
  3   Francynne Jacintho Francynne 16.07.1992 188 77 301 285 Esporte Clube Pinheiros
  5 Juliana Carrijo Juliana 25.02.1992 176 77 277 266 São Caetano
  6   Carolina Azevedo Won-Held de Freitas Carolina 17.01.1992 0 0 298 278 Unilever
  8 Isabela Paquiardi Isabela 03.04.1992 181 76 291 274 São Caetano
  9   Ana Beatriz Correa Ana Beatriz 07.02.1992 187 70 298 292 Osasco Voleibol Clube
  10 Samara Almeida Samara 16.07.1992 185 62 293 278 SOLLYS/NESTLÉ
  C 11   Priscila Heldes Priscila 27.03.1992 176 68 290 275 Mackenzie
  12 Gabriella Guimaraes de Souza Gabriella 14.12.1993 175 69 296 273 Molico/Nestlé
  14   Marjorie Fernanda Correa Marjorie 12.09.1992 186 69 306 286 Macaé
  16 Sonaly Sidrão Sonaly 20.06.1993 180 73 292 280 ADC
  L 18   Thais Saraiva Thais 28.02.1992 175 66 295 276 São Bernardo
 C=Captain  L=Libero
Team profile



Brazil kept the same group since the youth category. Now in the forth cycle of the team, the girls have the FIVB Women Junior Championship as the main compromise. The goal of the team leaded by the head coach Luizomar de Moura is win the title and remains unbeaten in official junior games.

“We expect to have a year of many victories. This generation can win all titles possible in young ages”, Luizomar de Moura said. “The main part of this group won the FIVB Girls Youth Championship two years ago, and also, two South American games. Therefore, the world title will coronate this group”.

The FIVB Women Junior World Championship will happen between July 21 and 20, Brazil will fight to win the seventh title of its history (1987, 1989, 2001, 2003, 2005 and 2007).

Coach profile


The head coach of Brazilian Women Junior National team, Luizomar de Moura, started his career as coach in 2000, in Flamengo, arriving in the main national team in 2001 as assistant coach of Marco Aurélio Motta. In 2003, he was the head coach of the Brazilian Women Youth national team. As assistant coach of Marco Aurelio, Luizomar was South American champion in 2001. In 2004, as head coach of the Girls Youth National team, he won the Girls´ Youth South American Championship and in 2005 with almost the same team he won the FIVB Girls´ Youth Championship. In 2006, he became the head coach of the Junior Women National team with an important title. He coached the team that won the Juniors’ Women South American Championship and qualified the team for the FIVB Women Junior Championship. In 2007, he leaded the team that won the FIVB Women Junior Championship title. In 2008, Luizomar returned to Girls Youth National team and, one more time, won the Girls´ Youth South American Championship. Almost one year after this title, Luizomar leaded the team that won the title of the FIVB Girl´s Youth Championship in 2009. Last year Luizomar coached the junior team that won the Women´s Junior South American Championship title.