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Russia and Argentina under the spotlight in Rio

Argentina is visiting its first final match in the FIVB Men's Junior World Championship

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, August 9, 2011 – Seven-time champions Russia and gold medal match’s first time visitors Argentina will be the stars of the show with the title in play in the 2011 FIVB Men’s Junior World Championship at Maracanazinho Gymnasium in Rio de Janeiro on Wednesday afternoon.

Both contenders in last day’s main event scored 3-1 victories on Tuesday with Argentina first defeating United States 27-29, 28-26, 25-19, 25-20 and Russia then following with a dominating effort against Serbia 25-22, 25-15, 23-25, 25-13.

Winners of the editions of 1977, 1981, 1985, 1989, 1995, 1999 and 2005 –the first four under the Soviet Union flag- Russia will battle for its eighth gold medal starting at 4:00 p.m. The best finish ever for Argentina is a bronze medal in 2009 in Pune, India.

Serbia and the United States will clash for their first ever medal in the bronze match at 1:30 p.m. In two morning matches, India will play Spain for seventh place while hosts Brazil will dispute the fifth slot with Iran. In Niteroi’s matches, Germany plays Belgium for 9th place while Canada meets Japan to determine 11th position.

Semifinal Round

Argentina 3, United States 1

Top Youth and Junior world-ranked Argentina recovered from a slow start to clinch the first spot in the finals following a 3-1 (27-29, 28-26, 25-19, 25-20) victory over United States. By advancing to their first gold medal match in the history, Argentina surpassed their previous best result in the biennial event, a bronze medal earned in India in 2009. Like the Argentineans, the Americans had also achieved their best result ever, leaving behind the seventh place they have arrived on three occasions. Agustín Ramonda, who charted 20 points, led Argentina followed by Agustin Ramonda with 15. U.S. outside hitter Taylor Sander topped all the scorers with 25. The Americans gave away 37 points via unforced errors compared to 23 by Argentina.

Russia 3, Serbia 1

Russia scored a convincing 3-1 (25-22, 25-15, 23-25, 25-13) victory over Serbia and advanced to the title match against Argentina to be played on Wednesday. Russia used its traditional block power as the main weapon to overcome the Serbian side, as the winners scored an impressive 32 points through this element, 11 of them from Igor Filippov, compared to 8 by the defeated side. Russia used its traditional block power as the winners scored an impressive 32 points through this element -11 of them from Igor Filippov- compared to only 8 by the defeated side.

Semifinals 5-8 Places

Iran 3, India 0

Iran scored a 3-0 (25-11, 25-22, 25-21) victory over India in the clash between Asian teams on Tuesday advancing to the 5th place match. As losing team, India now will play for 7th and 8th places. Iran held the advantage in attacks (46-30), blocks (9-4) and serves (5-2). Iran’s Amir Ghafour led the victory with a match-high 26 points while India’s T.D. Ravikumar finished with 12.

Brazil 3, Spain 1

In the last match of Wednesday in Rio de Janeiro, hosts Brazil beat Spain in straight sets (25-20, 18-25, 25-20, 25-16) and now will play Iran in the match for fifth place. It marks the first time since 1991 -when finished fourth- and third overall (6th in 1985 and 1987) that Brazil is left out of the podium in the 16 editions of the event. Ricardo Lucarelli led Brazil with 18 points followed by Bernardo Reitz with 10. Francisco Ruiz (14), Jorge Almansa (14) and Borja Ruiz (10) were the best Spaniards.  

Semifinals 9-12 Places

Germany 3, Canada 1

Germany defeated Canada, 3-1 (16-25, 25-19, 25-23, 25-18) in the semifinals for the ninth-place match. Germany’s Simon Hirsch had a match-high 24 points while Tom Strohbach added 12. Bradley Kufske led Canada with 17 points. Canada led Germany in aces (7-3) and blocks (10-9). Germany led in spikes (52-47) and also scored 27 points on Canada’s errors while giving up 21.

Belgium 3, Japan 0

Belgium defeated Japan, 3-0 (25-19, 25-22, 25-18) and earned a place in the ninth-place final against Germany. Belgium’s François Lecat led all scorers with 21 points. Taiki Tsuruda led Japan with 14 successful attacks. Belgium did a good job shutting down Japan’s leading scorer, Takashi Dekita, who was held to 10 points.

Finals 13-16 Places
Egypt 3, Puerto Rico 1

Egypt defeated Puerto Rico, 3-1 (17-25, 25-14, 25-23, 25-21) and secured 15th place. The African side finished with a final overall record of 2-6 and Puerto Rico closed at 1-7. Egypt’s Moustafa Idris scored 17 points while Puerto Rico’s Steven Morales was the match’s leading scorer with 24 points. Egypt got a big help from their opponent, as they scored 33 points on Puerto Rico’s errors.

Bulgaria 3, Tunisia 0

Bulgaria scored a 3-1 (25-15, 25-22, 25-17) victory over Tunisia and secured 13th place. The Bulgarians held a huge advantage in blocks (12-1) and also had the margin in serves (5-2). Nikolay Penchev and Ventsislav Trifonov each totaled 12 points for the winners while Mohamed Ben Abdallah finished with 11 for Tunisia, all in attacks.

Highest Scorer by Day
Day 1 (August 1): 31 points by Simon Hirsch (Germany) in the 3-1 loss to India
Day 2 (August 2): 47 points by Takashi Dekita (Japan) in the 3-2 victory over Bulgaria
Day 3 (August 3) 27 points by Steven Morales (Puerto Rico) in the 3-2 victory over Tunisia
Day 4 (August 5) 21 points by Racem Siala (Tunisia) in the 3-1 victory over Egypt
Day 5 (August 6) 30 points by Selvaprabhu Dhanabaln (India) in the 3-1 loss to Serbia
Day 6 (August 7) 26 points by Tommy Belisle (Canada) in the 3-1 victory over Tunisia
Day 7 (August 8) 30 points by Noah Marrero (Puerto Rico) in the 3-2 loss to Tunisia
Day 8 (August 9) 26 points by Amir Ghafour (Iran) in the 3-0 victory over India

Top Scoring Performances
47 – Takashi Dekita (Japan) in the 3-2 victory over Bulgaria on August 2
38 – Aleksandar Atanasijevic (Serbia) in the 3-2 victory over Iran on August 2
31 – Simon Hirsch (Germany) in the 3-1 loss to India on August 1
30 – Selvaprabhu Dhanabaln (India) in the 3-1 loss to Serbia on August 6
30 – Noah Marrero (Puerto Rico) in the 3-2 loss to Tunisia on August 8

Top Blocking Performances
11- Mohamed El Askolany (Egypt) in the 3-1 victory over Germany on August 2
11- Igor Filippov (Russia) in the 3-1 victory over Serbia on August 9
9 – G.R. Vaishnav (India) in the 3-1 loss to Serbia on August 6
8 – Lucas Van Berkel (Canada) in the 3-2 loss to Serbia on August 3
7 – Ventsislav Ragin (Bulgaria) in the 3-2 loss to Japan on August 2
7 – Igor Filippov (Russia) in the 3-0 victory over Spain on August 5
7 – Igor Filippov (Russia) in the 3-0 victory over Iran on August 6
7 – Ivan Castellani (Argentina) in the 3-2 loss to Serbia on August 7
7 – Mohamed Ayech (Tunisia) in the 3-2 win over Puerto Rico on August 8

Top Service Ace Performances

4 – Andrey Kolesnik (Russia) in the 3-0 victory over India on August 2
4 – Uros Kovacevic (Serbia) in the 3-2 victory over Iran on August 2
4 – Paul Sprung (Germany) in the 3-1 victory over Puerto Rico on August 5
3 – Andrey Kolesnik (Russia) in the 3-0 victory over Egypt on August 1
3 – Jorge Lopez (Puerto Rico) in the 3-1 loss to Argentina on August 1
3 – Hatem Obba (Tunisia) in the 3-1 loss to Spain on August 1
3 – Yamato Fushimi (Japan) in the 3-2 victory over Brazil on August 1
3 – Steve Morales (Puerto Rico) in the 3-2 victory over Tunisia on August 3
3 – Hatem Obba (Tunisia) in the 3-2 loss to Puerto Rico on August 3
3 – Dmitry Kovalev (Russia) in the 3-0 victory over Iran on August 6
3 -  Aleksandar Atanasijevic (Serbia) in the victory over India on August 6
3– Nicholas Hoag (Canada) in the victory over Egypt on August 6
3 –Ivan Castellani (Argentina) in the victory over Brazil on August 7

Highest Set Score
36-34 (India versus Brazil) in second round on August 7 in Rio de Janeiro
34-32 (Puerto Rico versus Germany) in second round on August 5 in Niteroi
33-31 (Japan versus Bulgaria) in first round on August 2 in Rio de Janeiro
30-28 (Serbia versus Iran) in first round on August 2 in Niteroi
30-28 (Spain versus United States) in second round August 6 in Rio de Janeiro

Highest Scoring Matches
235 – India def. Brazil 36-34, 22-25, 21-25, 25-17, 16-14 in second round on August 7 in Rio de Janeiro
225 - United States def. Spain 25-21, 20-25, 26-24, 28-30, 15-11 in second round on August 6 in Rio de Janeiro
224 –Serbia def. Iran 23-25, 22-25, 30-28, 25-18, 15-13 in first round on August 2 in Niteroi
223 – Japan def. Bulgaria 20-25, 20-25, 33-31, 25-18, 15-11 in first round on August 2 in Rio de Janeiro
223 – Tunisia def. Puerto Rico 27-29, 25-21, 25-21, 23-25, 15-12 in semifinal 13-16 on August 8 in Niteroi

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Puerto Rico's rising star

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Bulgaria advances to 13th-place match

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Mohamed Mounir Gara: “The two teams play at the same level"

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Tunisia win five-set duel

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Action does not stop in Men’s Junior event

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Russia, Argentina, USA and Serbia in Final-Four Round

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Leonardo Carvalho: “We lacked calm and capacity to win the match”

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India eliminates Brazil with five-set win in Rio de Janeiro

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Japan gets last spot for the Niterói semifinals

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Referee's youth doesn't temper his dreams

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Russia remains as the only unbeaten team

07.08.2011 23:05:08
Björn Höhne: "It was our best match"

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Germany makes it to Niteroi semifinals

07.08.2011 20:47:00
Francisco Ruiz: The Flying Spaniard

07.08.2011 20:01:43
Aleksandar Atanasijevic: “We knew we needed a three-points-win to be in a good position to advance for the semifinals”

07.08.2011 19:38:32
Still alive, Serbia defeats leader and qualified Argentina in five sets

07.08.2011 19:12:42
Steven Vanmedegael: "I think Puerto Rico played its best game"

07.08.2011 19:03:08
Belgium goes undefeated in Pool H

07.08.2011 17:10:09
Georges Laplante: "We gave our best"

07.08.2011 16:56:15
Francisco Hervás: “It is difficult to play when you have no chances of qualifying”

07.08.2011 16:53:39
Canada wins a tough match over Tunisia

07.08.2011 16:27:26
Iran defeats Spain in straight sets to finish third in Pool E

07.08.2011 14:52:41
Four teams still with chances in Men’s Junior Championship

07.08.2011 02:32:16
Russia and USA secure final-four spots

07.08.2011 02:11:44
Juan Ignacio Finoli: “If we keep playing like that, it will be tough for the rivals to beat us”

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Argentina beats host Brazil and takes the lead in Pool F

07.08.2011 01:04:04
Radoslav Arsov: "We were focused on this match"

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Bulgaria takes its first world championship win

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John Hawks IV: “I am one hundred percent pleased with my team”

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USA qualifies for semifinals after five-set-win over Spain

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Belgians overcome low age average

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Japan comes back with a win

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Following in his father’s steps

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Canada leads Pool G after second win

06.08.2011 19:36:08
Aleksandar Atanasijevic: “Now we can fight for our qualification against Argentina”

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Serbia reacts to win its first match in the second round

06.08.2011 17:38:19
Björn Höehne: "We lost the focus on the match"

06.08.2011 17:23:53
Belgium secures first place in Pool H

06.08.2011 16:43:36
Sergey Shlyapnikov: “I hope we can keep the same level in the final round”

06.08.2011 16:23:50
Russia stays unbeaten following 3-0 win over Iran

06.08.2011 14:48:37
Competition heats up at Men’s Junior Championship

06.08.2011 14:41:08
Argentina, Russia, USA and Brazil on fast track

06.08.2011 01:51:09
Sam Deroo: " I hope we can play like this tomorrow again"

06.08.2011 01:34:15
Belgium gets another victory in Niterói

06.08.2011 01:18:56
Otavio Pinto: “When we play like this, it is very tough for the rivals to beat us”

06.08.2011 00:53:46
Brazil crushes Serbia to lead the Pool F

05.08.2011 23:31:29
Jovica Cvetkovic: “It was one of our worst matches in the last times”

05.08.2011 23:18:32
Björn Höhne: "I hope we can keep winning"

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Germany gains first tournament victory

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Russia starts ahead in Pool E of the second round

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Juan Ignacio Finoli: “We were aware of all their attack combinations”

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Argentina wins first match of the second round in Rio de Janeiro

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Georges Laplante: "The supporters helped us a lot"

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Russia’s volleyball has a loyal follower

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Canada wins first match in the second round

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Japan’s Dekita impresses with scoring ability

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Leonardo Carvalho: “I believe our pool was the tougher of the first round”

04.08.2011 02:01:14
Tyler Sanders: "It was a very passionate game"

04.08.2011 01:53:21
Brazil wins second match and qualifies for the next round

04.08.2011 01:49:34
Serbia holds off challenge from Canada

03.08.2011 23:33:23
Jovica Cvetkovic: "It was a long and difficult match"

03.08.2011 23:17:02
Taylor Crabb: “We came here to fight for the gold medal”

03.08.2011 23:14:49
Iran secures a spot in Rio de Janeiro

03.08.2011 22:46:56
USA qualifies for next round with 3-1 win over Japan

03.08.2011 20:08:17
Mohamed Mounir Gara: "Puerto Rico was better than us"

03.08.2011 19:49:17
Sergey Shlyapnikov: “Matches in next round will be very hard and we need to prepare for them”

03.08.2011 19:38:20
Puerto Rico earns first win at worlds

03.08.2011 19:21:23
Russia wins European clash and finishes first in Pool C

03.08.2011 18:46:49
Argentina divides Brazilian fans

03.08.2011 17:12:00
Juan Manuel Cichelo: "We are going to the second round with great expectations"

03.08.2011 16:49:52
Argentina moves on to next round as Pool B winner

03.08.2011 16:44:12
Singh Navjit: “Ravikumar and Selvaprabhu played a great match and helped us a lot”

03.08.2011 16:17:00
India beats Egypt and advances for the second round

03.08.2011 14:07:21
Bulgaria’s coach returns to Brazil for the first time

03.08.2011 08:04:17
Four spots are up for grabs at Men’s Junior World Championship

03.08.2011 06:01:36
Four teams secure tickets to top-eight bracket

03.08.2011 02:38:28
Jovica Cvetkovic: "It was a difficult match for both sides"

03.08.2011 02:23:29
Otavio Pinto: “Our heart and our will of winning prevailed”

03.08.2011 02:10:05
Serbia defeat Iran in the longest match in Niterói

03.08.2011 01:56:58
Brazil achieve first win at home against the United States

03.08.2011 00:59:43
Canadians invade Niterói

02.08.2011 23:53:11
Noriaki Sako: “We bet in our defence and believed that we could win the match”

02.08.2011 23:21:57
Japan win new five-set battle against Bulgaria

02.08.2011 22:49:34
Tyler Sanders: "It wasn´t our moment"

02.08.2011 22:38:57
Belgium win a balanced match

02.08.2011 20:01:33
Limitations can’t stop the dreams

02.08.2011 19:32:04
Juan Manuel Cichello: " We are happy to be on the next round"

02.08.2011 19:12:16
Dmitry Kovalev: “We can still be better for next round”

02.08.2011 19:06:31
Argentina looking for first place

02.08.2011 18:46:55
Russia defeats India and qualifies for the second round

02.08.2011 17:17:38
Stewart Bernard: “We fought, but it was too late”

02.08.2011 16:54:50
Francisco Hervás: "Our team stayed focused from the beginning".

02.08.2011 16:54:44
Egypt conquers first win against Germany

02.08.2011 16:31:31
Spain wins their second match

02.08.2011 11:18:37
Crucial matches to decide fate of teams in Brazil

02.08.2011 04:28:42
Japan score major upset in opening day at Rio

02.08.2011 02:27:22
Leonardo Carvalho: “We made too many mistakes, especially in serving”

02.08.2011 01:56:35
Japan surprises defending champion Brazil in the close of the first day

02.08.2011 01:22:22
Serbia shows their force on the first day

02.08.2011 01:14:48
Sam Deroo: "Serbia was better than us"

01.08.2011 22:57:40
Georges Laplante: "We hope we can keep improving in every game"

01.08.2011 22:48:17
Taylor Crabb: “Our serve was tough and that helped us”

01.08.2011 22:35:45
Iran's strong attack stops Canada

01.08.2011 22:21:31
United States defeat Bulgaria in first Pool A match

01.08.2011 19:12:32
Mohammed Mounir Gara: "I promise we will try to get better"

01.08.2011 19:08:15
Sergey Shlyapnikov: “We can be better, even in blocking”

01.08.2011 18:45:14
Easy time for Spain in their premier match

01.08.2011 18:39:33
Russia defeat Egypt in straight sets in Rio de Janeiro

01.08.2011 17:32:10
Juan Manuel Cichello:"In the first match, the teams are always nervous"

01.08.2011 17:16:33
Argentina beats Puerto Rico in Niteroi opening match

01.08.2011 17:13:39
M. H. Kumara: “We knew that blocking was their best weapon and had to play very fast”

01.08.2011 16:44:35
India reacts over Germany to win the first match at Maracanazinho

01.08.2011 00:54:52
Zero Hour approaches at Men’s Junior event in Brazil

30.07.2011 10:54:42
Emerging stars set for the challenge in Brazil

19.07.2011 16:46:10
Serbia's young guns continue building for World Championships

23.06.2011 12:26:46
Brazilian squads head to Europe for World Championship tune-ups

04.06.2011 20:24:34
Men's Junior World Championship drawing of lots held in Brazil

25.05.2011 14:05:05
Brazil and Argentina junior teams to clash

12.04.2011 16:42:28
Jovanov to continue working with Iran youngsters

09.03.2011 16:39:37
Canada reveal Junior World Champs plans

21.02.2011 14:18:07
Puerto Rico juniors seek Pan Am Cup warm-up

18.02.2011 17:15:49
De Carvalho: Brazil face double burden

14.02.2011 15:49:45
Brazil to defend men's junior crown at home

27.01.2011 18:36:21
CEV reveals qualifying path to Junior World Champs

11.10.2010 11:51:00
Tunisia edge Egypt to reclaim crown

10.10.2010 05:11:06
Japan, Iran and India qualify for Men's Junior World Championship

28.09.2010 14:35:03
Brazil regain South American crown

05.09.2010 23:27:38
Russia back on top of Europe

22.08.2010 10:44:29
USA win gold medal at NORCECA Men’s Junior Championship