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2005 Junior Men’s U 21 World Championship
Vizakhapatnam, India
6 – 14 August 2005

Press conference

Netherlands beat Tunisia 3-1 (25-14, 23-25, 25-15, 25-19) - duration 1:21
11-Aug, start time: 15:00, end time: 16:21 - Attendance: 3,200
City: Visakhapatnam; Hall : Swarnabharati Stadium
CHEBBI RACHED , COACH, TUNISIA: Nothing went right. We thought
We could give a good fight, but the Netherland team is very strong and
Our players cannot cope up to the pressure. Please permit me to say that
Among all the five world championships that we have played in this category
This is the best championship , in terms of organization, hospitality and the
crowd atmosphere. I thank the organizers for that.

M'RABET MAROUANE,CAPTAIN,TUNISIA:We have learnt a lesson to
prepare well for our future championships. This is a very good experience and
learning. I congratulate the Netherland team.

VERMEULEN GIDO,COACH, NETHERLAND : We are concentrating ourselves
to face the opponents in the semi-finalstage and this is the first time we have entered
the semi final stage in this championship. We have faced the Russians before and
we will go all out , as we think we can fare better against the teams like Russia.

NOORDEN THIJS, CAPTAIN, NETHERLAND: We have changed a lot after coming
Here in our approach. We can do better. We will have no problem playing any team
In the semi final. We have the experience in the European championship and we have fear.