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2005 Junior Men’s U 21 World Championship
Vizakhapatnam, India
6 – 14 August 2005

Press conference

Brazil beat Netherlands 3-1 (25-17, 22-25, 25-23, 25-17) - duration 1:45
08-Aug, start time: 17:48, end time: 19:33 - Attendance: 3,000
City: Visakhapatnam; Hall : Swarnabharati Stadium

VERMEULEN GUIDO, COACH , NETHERLANDS: Congratulations to the Brazial team.
They deserve the victory for their wonderful alround display. It is a keenly contested match
Although our efforts could bear fruit.

VAN Der MARK BART-JAN, CAPTAIN. NETHERLANDS: I also congratulate the Brazil
Team. I think we, failed in our serving and blocking and were not able to recover after losing
A couple or three points.

ANTONIO MAR LERBACH, COACH,BRAZIL: Netherland tema is a good team. They play
Fast game. They are good in any department. But it is our concentration and the well balanced
Composition of our team that has won us the match. We always wold like to play the Dutch team.

THIAGO ALVES, CAPTAIN,BRAZIL: We were prepared psychologically to face any situation,
Either bad or good. That is why the injury to Igor never deterred us. And we had promting from
Our coach to face the situation and not to worry about it.