FIVB Volleyball Girls' U18 World Championship


 GUD / Guangdong Evergrande

Team manager QIU Aihua
Coach LANG Ping
Assistant coach LI Yong
2nd assistant coach LI Tieming
    No.   Name Lastname Shirt Name Birthdate Height Weight Spike Block Country
  1 Juliann Christine Johnson Johnson 25.11.1989 188 85 320 307 USA
  2   Ting Zhu Zhu T. 29.11.1994 198 78 327 300 CHN
  3 Nan Wang Wang N. 13.08.1984 181 67 305 295 CHN
  4   Ying Wei Wei.Y 07.03.1989 177 65 295 290 CHN
  6 Junjing Yang Yang J.J. 15.05.1989 190 70 308 300 CHN
  7   Martina Guiggi Guiggi 01.05.1984 187 80 317 240 ITA
  8 Chunlei Zeng Zeng C.L. 03.11.1989 187 67 315 315 CHN
  L 9   Xian Zhang Zhang X. 16.03.1985 168 57 290 280 CHN
  10 Megan Easy Easy 15.10.1988 191 80 320 297 USA
  11   Yunli Xu Xu Y.L. 02.08.1987 195 85 325 306 CHN
  C 12 Ruoqi Hui Hui R.Q. 04.03.1991 192 78 315 305 CHN
  15   Ting Wang T. Wang 09.11.1984 187 68 315 305 CHN
 C=Captain  L=Libero
Team profile

Guangdong Evergrande prominently established a strong but technically equipped image in the history of China Volleyball League. The club team is the first professional volleyball club and is being supported by a large real estate group from Guangzhou, China.

Since its establishment in 2009, the club caught everyone’s attention through its independent operational methods, which promotes self-sustainability and development that laid a strong base for its coaches and players.

In its debut season, the club swept the second division of the Chinese women’s volleyball league that promoted them to play in the league’s first division the following year. In 2010, they became the top favourites as they dominated the regular season but only finished second behind club team Tianjin.

Its budding rivalry with Tianjin continued in 2011 when they faced each other in the semifinals. Guangdong Evergrande emerged as winners in this encounter and denied Tianjin of its finals appearance after decades of dominating the Chinese league. Evergrande eventually won the title and became the fifth team to win a title in league history.

Evergrande gathered some of the world’s top players and the best Chinese players – forming an invincible arsenal – that left a mark in the minds of the media and the entire volleyball community.

An impressive list of players was presented each season. Top players from USA such as Logan Tom, Nicole Fawcett, Kim Glass, Christa Harmotto and Nicole Davis have played for Guangdong Evergrande in different seasons.

Solid hitters Carolina Costagrande, Katarzyna Skowronska-Dolata, Wilavan Apinyapong and Jovana Brakocevic, have once been part of the Evergrande lineup. Its remarkable lineup of local players included Olympic gold medallists Feng Kung, Wang Lina, Yang Hao and Zhou Suhong, have pioneered the club team’s climb to its current inspiring prominence.

Evergrande perpetuate this winning formula at the FIVB Women’s Club World Championship as Americans Juliann Faucette and Megan Hodge, and Italian middle blocker Martina Guiggi grace this season’s squad. A core of Chinese national team players Shen Jingsi, Yang Junjing, Zeng Chunlei, Xu Yunli, Hui Ruoqi, Shan Danna, and the young powerhouse Zhu Ting will join Hodge, Faucette and Guiggi in their rousing quest for supremacy in international club level.

Coach profile

Lang Ping’s decorated career as a player may long have ended but the respect from her peers thrives as her coaching career flourishes year after year. Lang is at the helm of coaching the China national team and club team Guangdong Evergrande.

As a national team player, Lang won gold medals at the 1984 Olympic Games, the 1982 World Championship and the World Cup in 1981 and 1985. Lang became one of the top athletes of her generation – selected as China’s ‘Top Ten Athletes of the Year’ from 1981-1986 and ‘World Top Ten Athletes of the Year’ in 1985.

She then took coaching duties in 1995 and guided China to a silver place finishes at the 1996 Olympics and the 1998 World Championships. In 1999, Lang coached in the Italian professional volleyball league, winning the Championship and the ‘Coach of the Year’ award multiple times.

She became coach of the USA National Team in 2005, leading them to a silver medal at the 2008 Olympics and later that year became a coach for a club in the Turkish volleyball league.

Since Lang’s return to China in 2009, she has led Guangdong Evergrande to numerous achievements such as being promoted to the first division of the China volleyball league until winning the league championship in 2011-12 season in a short span of time.

Guangdong Evergrande competed in the Asian Women’s Volleyball Club Championships in 2013, took the top podium and the earned the right to represent Asia in the FIVB Women’s Club World Championship.

Her countrymen and volleyball fans celebrated her appointment as coach of China’s national women’s volleyball team in April 2013. Lang’s presence and her knowledge of the sport was a positive occurrence for the team as they placed second at the FIVB Volleyball World Grand Prix.