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  Zurich, Switzerland, October 13, 2013 – European champions Vakifbank Istanbul captured their first FIVB Volleyball Women's Club World Championship by defeating Unilever Volei from Brazil in straight sets (25-23, 27-25, 25-16) in front of 2,000 fans at Saalsporthalle in Zurich on Sunday. Guangdong beat Zurich 3-1 (24-26, 25-23, 25-18, 25-21) to claim Women’s Club World Champs bronze.

13.10.2013 20:13:49   Istanbul fly to first Women’s Club World Champs title

13.10.2013 19:35:56   It was an incredible gold medal match, says Istanbul coach Giovanni Guidetti
13.10.2013 18:51:46   Vakifbank Istanbul clinch first Women’s Club World Champs title
13.10.2013 16:49:20   Our comeback in the second set was game-changing, says Guangdong Evergrande captain Ruoqi Hui
13.10.2013 16:18:41   Guangdong beat Zurich 3-1 to claim Women’s Club World Champs bronze
13.10.2013 09:54:41   Laura Unternaehrer’s passion for volleyball is her motivation
12.10.2013 20:51:47   Vakifbank Istanbul and Unilever Volei move to gold medal match at Women’s Club World Champs
12.10.2013 20:19:53   The first set was fundamental for our victory, says Unilever captain Fofão
12.10.2013 19:41:40   Unilever Volei book second final ticket in Women's Club World Champs
12.10.2013 17:08:51   I am proud of my team, says Istanbul captain Gözde
12.10.2013 16:45:47   Vakifbank Istanbul clinch finals spot in Women's Club World Championship
12.10.2013 12:58:29   Martina Guiggi: a jump over the linguistic boundary
12.10.2013 12:06:41   Brankica Mihajlovic is hungry for victories
11.10.2013 23:52:11   European teams finish on top of their pools at 2013 FIVB Women’s Club World Champs
11.10.2013 23:23:04   We showed a strong reaction in the fourth set, says Istanbul captain Gözde
11.10.2013 22:43:26   Vakifbank Istanbul beat Unilever 3-1 to finish first in Pool B
11.10.2013 19:24:48   We saved energy today, says Volero captain Nneka Onyejekwe
11.10.2013 18:55:57   Volero Zurich dash Kenya Prison’s hopes for a semi-final ticket
11.10.2013 11:28:31   Kaylee Manns: around the world with volleyball
11.10.2013 00:16:49   Volero Zurich make strong start at Women’s Club World Champs
10.10.2013 23:32:30   The final result counts, says Volero captain Onyejekwe
10.10.2013 22:59:47   Volero Zurich surprise Guangdong Evergrande with 3-1 win
10.10.2013 19:43:15   We fulfilled our duty, says Istanbul coach Guidetti
10.10.2013 19:01:34   Vakifbank Istanbul send Iowa Ice home
10.10.2013 11:40:16   We believe in our chances, Brackcides Khadambi says
09.10.2013 23:04:56   Unilever Volei and Guangdong Evergrande open Women’s Club World Champs with straight-set wins
09.10.2013 22:48:13   We want to keep our game simple, explains Lang Ping
09.10.2013 21:56:37   Guangdong Evergrande prove too strong for Kenya Prisons
09.10.2013 20:32:10   Canadian star shines with Brazilian club
09.10.2013 19:48:31   We have to grow as a team, says Bernardinho
09.10.2013 19:15:04   Unilever Volei open Women’s Club World Champs with straight-set win over Iowa Ice
08.10.2013 16:34:00   Coaches see Women’s Club World Championship as perfect platform for high-level volleyball
08.10.2013 08:31:42   Iowa Ice carry on with season of firsts
30.09.2013 05:09:21   Kenya Prisons' past exposure to help make impact in Zurich
28.09.2013 23:55:23   Volero Zürich count on seasoned coach and players in Club Championship debut
17.09.2013 16:55:56   Match schedule confirmed for Women’s Club World Championship
07.05.2013 11:35:00   Team line-up for 2013 FIVB Women's Club World Championship starts to take shape
06.05.2013 15:28:08   Unilever win South American title to seal Women's Club World Championship place
05.05.2013 23:19:08   Evergrande qualify for FIVB Women's Club World Champs
03.05.2013 09:00:08   Idea Khonkaen to play Evergrande in quarterfinals of the Asian Women’s Club Championship
02.05.2013 23:38:06   Evergrande to renew rivalry with BTG, PFU face Zhetyssu in semis of Asian Women’s Club Championship
02.05.2013 21:17:36   Women's South American Volleyball Club Championship begins in Lima, Peru
02.05.2013 10:05:42   Invincible Evergrande enjoys three straight wins at the Asian Women’s Club Championship
01.05.2013 06:35:03   Evergrande, Zhetyssu maintain their form at the 14th Asian Women’s Club Championship
28.04.2013 08:51:07   Dac Lac gears up to host the Asian Women’s Club Championship
12.04.2013 22:26:57   Kenya Prisons Women's African Champions for fourth time running
11.04.2013 12:43:02   Kenya Prisons and Algeria's GSP set up final showdown at Women's African Club Championship
10.04.2013 21:48:19   Prisons and GS Petroliers through to Women's African Club Championship final
10.04.2013 15:00:17   Switzerland & Brazil to host FIVB Club World Championships
09.04.2013 20:46:54   Ahly & GS Petroliers in African Women's Club Championship semis
09.04.2013 15:00:56   Women's African Club Championship down to Final Four
04.04.2013 14:08:18   Kenya Prisons eye fourth consecutive African club title
04.04.2013 13:58:53   Ahly of Egypt eager to create a new era at Women's African Club Championship
03.04.2013 10:02:31   Madagascar to host Women's African Club Championship for the first time
30.03.2013 15:31:07   Bejaia and Petroliers to represent Algeria at Women's African Club Championship
11.03.2013 09:50:33   Vakifbank Istanbul wins Champions League to qualify for 2013 Club World Championships
09.03.2013 23:15:13   Vakifbank and Rabita to battle for European Champions League crown



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