FIVB Volleyball Girls' U18 World Championship

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Pressure and serving made their job for Al-Rayyan's major win

Top scorer Matey Kaziyski and coach Arbutina agreed that the amount of pressure was the key

William Arjona, Sada Cruzeiro captain: "Our goal was not achieved, but the team tried. Everything was going wrong, but we fought until the end. Today is a day to erase for us. We need to get ready for tomorrow. We aren't used to play for the third place; UPCN is an experienced team and we need to accept this defeat quickly because we will have a tough game."

Matey Kaziyski, Al-Rayyan player: "I think the key today was that we played without any pressure and from then, we took some big risks with our serves. We made many mistakes today, but we also converted many aces, turning that into a strong point and making the difference set after set. For us, being at the final is a great, great result, but now we will try even more tomorrow."

Marcelo Méndez, Sada Cruzeiro coach: "Our team didn't play well today, we didn't find our good moments. We failed on founding good serves and volume to build plays, which are the main features of the team. I'm really sad because we lost to a team that has just been created and that bothers me as a coach."

Igor Arbutina, Al-Rayyan coach: "Not only we have a team with the best players in the world, we also played with less pressure today. For us, entering the semifinal was the main goal, and Sada Cruzeiro had a big pressure. We all agreed on leaving everything on court for this match and we played freely. We are improving, specially in defense, and I hope tomorrow we can present the same game, or even better."

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