FIVB Volleyball Girls' U18 World Championship


 GYM / Guaynabo Mets

Team manager Jose PEREZ
Coach Javier GASPAR
Assistant coach Jose REYES
2nd assistant coach
Physiotherapist Juan Rivera Wharton
    No.   Name Lastname Shirt Name Birthdate Height Weight Spike Block Country
  1 Orlando Irizarry Irizarry 27.09.1985 0 0 0 0 PUR
  2   Jorge De Jesus De Jesus 29.01.1991 0 0 0 0 PUR
  L 4 Dennis Del Valle Del Valle 27.01.1989 175 58 300 290 PUR
  5   Edwin Jesus Montano Aliendres Montano Aliendres 30.06.1978 0 0 0 0 VEN
  6 Angel Perez Perez 20.05.1982 190 86 325 318 PUR
  C 7   Enrique Escalante Escalante 06.08.1984 195 88 330 324 PUR
  8 Jonathan King King 12.08.1982 192 88 299 292 PUR
  10   Ezequiel Cruz Lozada Cruz 15.07.1986 191 85 333 326 PUR
  11 Sequiel Sánchez Sanchez 24.03.1990 191 89 290 275 PUR
  16   Jackson Rivera Rivera 19.08.1987 186 66 360 350 PUR
  17 Jean Carlos Ortiz Ortiz 23.02.1988 193,5 90 288 281 PUR
  18   Mannix Roman Roman 17.01.1983 190 85 295 288 PUR
 C=Captain  L=Libero
Team profile

Guaynabo Mets are the reigning champions of Puerto Rico’s Men's National Volleyball League after defeating Arecibo Captains 3-2 in the competition’s final series in February. Pablo Guzman was named the Most Valuable Player in the final series and will be a player to look out for at the FIVB Volleyball Men’s Club Championship in Belo Horizonte. Guaynabo Mets, who will make their debut in the Men’s Club Championship, will be the NORCECA representative at the competition.

Mets coach Javier Gaspar stated his club’s aims. “Our goal and key […] is to maintain a strong and stable K-1,” he said, speaking of reception and first spike after rivals serve. “I assume we will see many strong serves that we aren’t used to here in Puerto Rico, so it is something we are going to work on.”

Coach profile

Looking ahead to the FIVB Volleyball Men’s Club Championship in Belo Horizonte, Guaynabo Mets coach Javier Gaspar emphasized the importance of a strong start to the competition for his club. “The first games are very important for us and we need to maintain a high level because they don’t know much about us. As the tournament advances and the scouting process begins, everything becomes much harder for everyone. We have to reach a great position in the pools, so we can move to the next round.”