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  Lausanne, Switzerland, December 16, 2014 – Russian club Belogorie Belgorod capped off a hugely successful season when they picked up their first ever FIVB Volleyball Men’s Club World Championship in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. It was the jewel in the crown for a side who had previously claimed both the Russia Cup and Supercup in 2014 as well as a first CEV Champions League title in a decade.

16.12.2014 17:16:13   Year in review: Belogorie Belgorod take 2014 Men’s Club World Championship Crown

12.05.2014 21:36:37   International “family” makes history for Russia at Men's Club World Championship
11.05.2014 03:56:31   Russia’s Belogorie Belgorod win FIVB Men’s Club World Championship title
11.05.2014 03:44:16   Belgorod's best feature is being a very close team
11.05.2014 03:07:49   Belogorie Belgorod react and edge Al-Rayyan to become new world champions
11.05.2014 00:37:10   "We played with our hearts", says UPCN captain Demián González
11.05.2014 00:33:26   First medal ever for Argentina’s UPCN at FIVB Men’s Club World Championship
10.05.2014 16:31:54   FIVB Men's Club World Championship brings children closer to volleyball
10.05.2014 04:28:47   Al-Rayyan upset world champions and will play for the crown against Belgorod
10.05.2014 04:08:47   Pressure and serving made their job for Al-Rayyan's major win
10.05.2014 03:58:31   Sada Cruzeiro fail to defend world title against Qatar’s Al-Rayyan
10.05.2014 01:10:41   Indeed it was the victory day for Russia's Belogorie Belgorod
10.05.2014 01:04:58   Belgorod bounce back on time to reach FIVB Men’s Club World Championship final
09.05.2014 19:26:36   Argentinean coach Méndez changed volleyball landscape in Sada Cruzeiro
09.05.2014 04:14:55   UPCN and Belogorie Belgorod complete semifinals at FIVB Men’s Club World Championship
09.05.2014 04:02:01   "Our job it's not done yet", stresses Belgorod captain Khtey
09.05.2014 03:45:16   Belogorie Belgorod stay unbeaten and reach the semifinals
09.05.2014 00:31:37   Esperance praised the experience and Trentino honoured their history
09.05.2014 00:14:56   Trentino say goodbye with a smooth victory over Esperance Tunis
08.05.2014 22:10:12   For UPCN coach, his team is "made of champions"
08.05.2014 21:46:45   Hard efforts pay as UPCN enter the semifinals
08.05.2014 04:21:53   Al-Rayyan confirmed in FIVB Men’s Club World Championship semifinals; Cruzeiro fall against Belgorod but move on as well
08.05.2014 04:16:49   "I believe in our team and the weapons we have", underlines Méndez
08.05.2014 03:49:02   Belogorie Belgorod earn second win after clash against Sada Cruzeiro
08.05.2014 00:20:21   A door to the semifinals is now open for Matin Varamin
08.05.2014 00:03:14   Matin Varamin cruise past Guaynabo Mets to secure first win
07.05.2014 22:50:43   UPCN want to "focus on the point achieved" towards the semifinals
07.05.2014 22:19:43   Trentino win electrifying battle over UPCN in five sets
07.05.2014 14:59:35   Parallel attractions uplift FIVB Men's Club World Championship in Brazil
07.05.2014 03:30:40   Semifinals in sight for home team and Al-Rayyan at FIVB Men’s Club World Championship
07.05.2014 03:25:07   Cruzeiro was able to improve, say both coach Méndez and Leal
07.05.2014 03:00:24   Second win for Sada Cruzeiro to almost secure a semifinal berth
07.05.2014 00:59:35   "We aren't as bad as some may believe", smiles Guaynabo's coach
07.05.2014 00:33:10   Puerto Rican resist but Belogorie Belgorod stomp for first win in Brazil
06.05.2014 22:01:12   Al-Rayyan coach finds in experience the key over Esperance
06.05.2014 21:11:14   Al-Rayyan survive Tunisian scare to stay very close to the semifinals
06.05.2014 03:11:23   Top form for favourites in the first day of FIVB Men’s Club World Championship
06.05.2014 03:06:12   Guaynabo Mets were "defeated by a better team"
06.05.2014 02:36:56   Local joy at Mineirinho as Sada Cruzeiro breeze past Guaynabo Mets
06.05.2014 00:46:22   Simón's scoring skills are "not normal", says Trentino captain
05.05.2014 23:43:14   Strong Cuban flavour for Al-Rayyan’s first win over Trentino
05.05.2014 22:07:05   "We needed those three points today", stressed UPCN's coach
05.05.2014 21:02:33   Successful opener for Argentina’s UPCN over Esperance Tunis
05.05.2014 04:08:24   Coaches advise of greater challenge at 2014 FIVB Men’s Club World Championship
04.05.2014 11:48:00   Stars align in Belo Horizonte for Men's Club World Championship
03.05.2014 14:45:04   Esperance dream of Club World Championship glory
02.05.2014 19:57:41   President praises growth of Club World Championships
02.05.2014 15:57:11   Defending champions expect tough opposition at FIVB Club Championship
01.05.2014 11:54:12   Belogorie warm up for Club World Championship with bronze in Russian Superleague
28.04.2014 18:04:30   Sada Cruzeiro demonstrate that times have changed
23.04.2014 14:42:54   Sada Cruzeiro to begin title defence against Guaynabo Mets
21.04.2014 23:49:44   Guaynabo Mets prepare for FIVB Men’s Club World Championship
19.04.2014 05:29:38   Birarelli eyes successful Club World Championship comeback
18.04.2014 16:30:41   Tsvetan Sokolov dreams of becoming Bulgaria's champion with Marek one day
17.04.2014 06:52:49   Wallace boosts Sada Cruzeiro ahead of Club World Championship
16.04.2014 16:34:02   FIVB Volleyball Men’s Club World Championship wild cards go to Trentino and Al-Rayyan
16.04.2014 16:05:23   Matin Varamin claim Asian Club Championship title, ticket to FIVB Men's Club Championship
16.04.2014 15:45:40   Baic Motor claim third spot with win over Kondensat-Zhaikmunay at Asian Men’s Club Championhip
16.04.2014 10:16:52   Chinese Taipei finish fifth, host place seventh at Asian Men’s Club Championship
15.04.2014 20:20:50   Al-Rayyan, Matin Varamin in finals of Asian Club Championship for ticket to FIVB Men's Club Championship
15.04.2014 15:53:42   Sada Cruzeiro take Superliga title on their way to Club World Championship in May
15.04.2014 13:22:09   Chinese Taipei, Iraq's South Gas Club Sports to fight for fifth place of Asian Men’s Club Champs
14.04.2014 23:00:15   Kondensat-Zhaikmunay, Matin Varamin, Al-Rayyan, Baic Motor cruise to semis of Asian club championship
12.04.2014 11:42:21   South Gas Club Sports, Matin Varamin, Al-Rayyan, Baic Motor top their pools in Asian Club preliminary round
11.04.2014 11:04:17   Al-Rayyan on course to a clean sweep in the preliminaries
10.04.2014 23:54:32   Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Qatar, China clubs remain unbeaten after Day 3 of Asian Men's Club Volleyball Championship
09.04.2014 23:54:16   Iran's Matin Varamin overcome Oita Miyoshi Weisse Adler at Asian Men’s Club Championship
09.04.2014 14:26:15   Brazil's Mineirinho arena shaping up for a big month
08.04.2014 23:54:55   Philippines, Lebanon, Qatar, Kazakhstan, Chinese Taipei win on first day of Asian Club Championship
07.04.2014 23:42:53   Underdogs hope to pull off surprises in Asian Men's Club Championship
31.03.2014 12:49:21   FIVB Club World Championship qualifiers move closer to completion
29.03.2014 22:20:51   Esperance book Club World Championship ticket with 4th African title
29.03.2014 13:57:52   FAP finish ninth at Men's African Club Championship
28.03.2014 19:32:30   Ahly and Esperance fight for Africa's Club World Championship ticket
27.03.2014 18:31:59   Accreditation for 2014 FIVB Volleyball Club World Championships now open
27.03.2014 06:28:26   Giants Ahly and three Tunisian teams through to semifinal of African club championship
26.03.2014 13:33:55   Guaynabo Mets join FIVB Volleyball Men’s Club World Championship line up
26.03.2014 13:11:49   Eight African clubs chase FIVB Men's Club World Championship berth
26.03.2014 11:19:51   MVP Tetyukhin: Back to the national team? Maybe, but probably not.
26.03.2014 00:22:43   Men's Club World Championship can expect passionate reception in Mineirinho
25.03.2014 07:05:41   Quarterfinal line up completed at Men's African Club Championship
24.03.2014 21:55:17   FIVB Volleyball Club World Championships roster grows with conclusion of European qualifiers
24.03.2014 17:55:51   Belo Horizonte unveiled as new venue for FIVB Volleyball Men’s Club World Championship
23.03.2014 21:07:58   Russia’s Belogorie Belgorod wins ticket to FIVB Men’s Club Championship
23.03.2014 21:06:45   Four more teams confirm quarterfinal tickets at 2014 Men’s African Club Championship
21.03.2014 16:36:36   European spot at FIVB Volleyball Men’s Club World Championship up for grabs this weekend
19.03.2014 22:37:44   Twenty one teams fight for Club World Championship ticket
23.02.2014 23:07:35   UPCN join Sada Cruzeiro at FIVB Men's Club World Championship in Betim
23.02.2014 04:40:29   Philippines to host Men’s Asian Club Championship
17.02.2014 19:45:26   South America gears up for Club Championship
07.02.2014 10:05:01   Russian teams shine in first round of Champions League Playoffs 6
24.01.2014 09:53:11   Russian, Italian and Polish teams still in the running for Men's Club World Championship spot
14.01.2014 15:15:27   Tunisia to host 2014 Men's African Club Championship



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