FIVB Volleyball Girls' U18 World Championship

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Trentino edge resilient Kal Kaleh in opening match

Tsvetan Sokolov (11), Emanuele Birarelli (3) and Filippo Lanza (10) celebrate their big contributions to the victory of Trentino Diatec on Tuesday

Betim, Brazil, October 15, 2013 – Italy’s Trentino Diatec began their campaign as defending champions of the FIVB Men’s Club World Championship claiming a well fought victory over Iran’s Kal Kaleh in four sets (24-26, 25-19, 25-19, 26-24) on Tuesday at Divino Braga Gymnasium.

Tsvetan Sokolov led four players of the winning team who finished with double-digits in the scoring charts with 21 points. Alexandre Ferreira was next with 16 tallies, followed by Filippo Lanza and Emanuele Birarelli with 13 and 11 respectively.

Motjaba Mirzajanpour and Javad Hosseinabadi were the top scorers for Kal Kaleh with 14 and 12 points, respectively.
Trentino Diatec held an overwhelming advantage in the blocking category 18-6, including five by Lanza and four each by Birarelli and Matteo Burgsthaler.

Trentino led 8-4 and 16-11 at the TTO behind some terrific spikes by Tsvetan Sokolov and Filippo Lanza. Two missed attacks by Birarelli narrowed the gap to 17-14. The spike by Alireza Nadi put Kal-Kaleh within one point at 18-17 and the Iranians tied at 20 with Mojtaba Mirzajanpour’s big hit. Javad Hosseinnabadi aced with his serve for the 20-19 advantage. Trentino equalized at 22-all behind the blocking by Matteo Burgsthaler but Kal-Kaleh took the first set 26-24 when Hosseinnabadi landed his spike and Sokolov’s attack sailed out of bounds.

Trentino took an 8-6 advantage in the second set when Ferreira blocked Hosseinnabad and Lanza landed a laser shot from the back court. Two unforced Italian errors evened the score at 9-all and the sides continued tied until the 12-point mark. Then Trentino moved on to sit at 16-14 behind the offense of Ferreira and Sokolov. Trentino won the second set 25-19 when Birarelli sandwiched two spikes around a block against Nadi.

It was a close contest early in the third set with Alexandre Ferreira giving Trentino an 8-7 advantage with his formidable spike. Kal Kaleh tied at 9 when Burgsthaler’s attack went wide. Trentino recovered the lead behind a terrific block by Lanza against Rezha Gara. The Italian widened the distance to 16-13 with Sokolov’s hit off the opponent’s block. The set concluded at 25-19 when Ferreira capped the actions with two straight aces.

Kal-Kaleh was in front 8-7 in the fourth set when Donald Suxho’s serve was just out of bounds. At 10-all Birarelli scored twice but the Iranians came back to take the lead 14-13 benefitting from several unforced Trentino’s errors. The second time out found the Iranian club leading 16-14. Kal Kaleh expanded at 18-15 with the spike by Sajjadi off the Italian block. Trentino closed in at 18-17 with a block by Sokolov against Mirzanapour and tied at 19-all when the spike by Mirzajanpour was too wide. Lanza blocked Hosseinabadi for the lead and the fourth set finished 26-24 with Ferreira’s spike.

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