FIVB Volleyball Girls' U18 World Championship


Russia’s Lokomotiv edge Brazil’s Sada Cruzeiro

Lokomotiv's Pavel Moroz had a match-high 26 points in the victory over Sada Cruzeiro

Betim, Brazil, October 17, 2013 – Russia’s Lokomotiv Novosibirsk edged Brazil’s Sada Cruzeiro in a fantastic five-set duel (22-25, 25-21, 22-25, 25-19, 16-14) for their second victory in as many outings in Pool B of the FIVB Men’s Club World Championship on Thursday.

Sada Cruzeiro suffered their first loss after claiming victories during the first two days of the competition.

Pavel Moroz was the main offensive force for Lokomotiv with 26 points, including five serving aces, while Anton Astashenkov (13), Lukas Divis (12) and Artem Volvich (11) also reached double digits in the scores.

Cuban-born Yoandy Leal and Wallace Souza topped Sada Cruzeiro with 20 and 19 points, respectively, and Douglas Cordeiro tallied 11 points.

The winners committed 35 unforced errors compared to 33 by the defeated side. Lokomotiv had the top hand in blocks (10-7) and also in aces (9-6).

Despite giving away five points via errors, Sada Cruzeiro led 8-6 in the first set. Lokomotiv used the spikes of Astashenkov and Moroz to tie at 8-8. Astashenkov scored for the 16-15 margin. Yoandy Leal sparked a rally when he evened the score at 16-all with a big spike and then served one ace for the advantage. The same Leal gave Sada Cruzeiro a two-point lead and the home continued the hot streak to take the set 25-22.

 Lokomotiv led 8-6 in the second set, but Sada tied at 8-all when Leal blocked Moroz. The Russian club was in front 16-12 at the second TTO thanks to a three-point streak produced by Moroz, Butko and Astashenkov. Spikes by Leal and Souza reduced the difference to 20-18. Trailing 22-20, Souza landed a lightning ace but setter Butko scored with a disguise play and later Lukas Divis blocked Ferraz. Lokomotiv took the second set 25-21.

Lokomotiv was in front 8-5 and increased to 14-10 behind the offensive plays by Moroz and Camejo. Souza cut the margin to 14-12 with one ace but Moroz responded with two consecutive spikes for 16-12. Sada Cruzeiro recovered to take the lead 19-18 with three consecutive blocks by Arjona, Souza and Cordeiro. Moroz evened the score. At 20-20, Moroz served long and Carbonara attacked down the middle for the 22-20 lead of Sada Cruzeiro. The home side won the third set 25-22.

The Russian club led 8-7 in the fourth. When the action resumed Souza tied at 8-8 with a spike from the right side. The duel continued with both teams playing at a high level up to 14-14. Cordeiro missed with the spike but Moroz was positive for the 16-14 score in favor of Lokomotiv. Back in action, Moroz served one ace for a three-point gap forcing a Sada Cruzeiro to call for time-out. Another ace by Moroz extended the lead 18-14. The fourth set finished 25-19 for the Russians with Moroz nailing a shot.

Volvich scored with consecutive blocks against Souza and Luis Diaz for a 5-2 Russian lead. Divis scored down the middle after the big serve by Camejo and Volvich repeated his block against Souza for the 8-4 advantage. Sada Cruzeiro reduced the difference to 9-7 with the attack by Cordeiro. Souza put the home team within one point and Lokomotiv called for time-out. Moroz came alive for Lokomotiv with his attack for 12-10 but Ferraz answered to keep the home team in the game. The score was tied after a Russian error. At 13-13, Divis landed a cross-court kill but Carbonara tied. One Sada’s unforced error by their libero and the setter gave Lokomotiv the lead at 15-14 and then Leal attacked too long for the 16-14.

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