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© 2011 Technical & Development Department
Beach Volleyball Drill-book
The FIVB Technical & Development Department through the guidance of its Development
Commission is launching this Beach Volleyball e-book as a part of the mission to grow Beach
Volleyball. This book contains over 100 special drills from the beginner level to the advanced
level and as such it will endorse and support the growth of Beach Volleyball from the grass roots
to the qualified athlete’s status.
Although Beach Volleyball is growing in popularity it is still a sport in the embryonic stage of its
development there is a need to introduce quality material that supports development of players
and coaches through practical literature.
With the collaboration of Mr. Hayden Jones FIVB instructor who is teaching fundamental Beach
Volleyball techniques in several countries where the sport is emerging, and with the contribution
of Mr. Daniel Dalanhese this e-book has been realized to create a resource material for coaches
and players worldwide.
The e-book goes directly to the heart of Beach Volleyball and takes the reader step by step
through various drills and skills in a clear and understandable form.
We trust that this e-book is a useful tool for coaching Beach Volleyball players and assists those
who are really in need for a simple and comprehensive material.
Enjoy Beach Volleyball!