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2010 Girls' Youth Olympic Games
21 - 26 August 2010

 Press Release
A Day in the life of a Youth Olympic Volunteer

Alvin, Weiz, and Zhi three of the 21 000 volunteers during the 2010 Youth Olympic Games in Singapore
Singapore, Singapore, August 25, 2010 - Two more days to go in this first Youth Olympic Games ever. And what would an event as massive as the 2010 Singapore Youth Olympic Games be without the tireless efforts from 21 000 volunteers. In Singapore, volunteers wearing purple polo shirts are eager to help or point you in the right direction whenever you need.

Alvin, Weiz, and Zhi are school-aged volunteers from Singapore. They have a very important job in the Toa Payoh Sports Hall, mopping up the floor so that it is not slippery. Every timeout, Alvin, Weiz, and Zhi jump off their chairs and simultaneously run as fast as they can across the court with their brooms.

“It is really fun,” Zhi said. “I like it.”

Mopping the floor is not as simple as it sounds—the moppers have a predetermined route to make sure that they quickly cover the entire court before play resumes. 

In order to become quick and efficient at mopping the court, the volunteers had to practice before the Youth Olympic Games began. The volunteers practiced “over and over and over,” according to Alvin, for almost an hour.

What is the best part of being a volunteer?

“Watching the games up so close in the sport hall,” Weiz said.

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