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2010 Girls' Youth Olympic Games
21 - 26 August 2010

 Press Release
Peru expecting tougher competition in the semifinals

Peru coach Natalia Malaga and captain Clarivett Yllescas (right) at the press interview

Singapore, Singapore, August 23, 2010 - Peru didn’t lose a single set in their pool play wins against Singapore and Japan but expect to face tougher competition in the semifinals according to Peru coach Natalia Malaga.

Japan coach Norihito Uehara: “It was a very intense competition. We can improve more, and we want to play better next time. Our goal is very simple. We will review what we did well today, and improve upon that. We still have time to practice, so we will try to get better step-by-step.”

Japan captain Anna Fukami:  It was a very intense game. We were under a lot of pressure, and we were privileged to compete against such a good opponent.”

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Peru coach Natalia Malaga: “Japan were very strong. They have a technical game that made it difficult for us. They were also very fast, but we realized what we had to do, so we competed well and won. It will be a different game from today. The opponent is going to be a taller team, so we are preparing for that. We want to be in top three.”

Peru captain Clarivett Yllescas: “For the first two sets, we were a little bit nervous so it was difficult to play well, but in the third set we were not nervous so we played better.”

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