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2010 Girls' Youth Olympic Games
21 - 26 August 2010

 Match info | Press Conference
Good reception was the secret behind Belgium's victory

Belgium's Julien and Ilka Van de Vyver discuss the victory over Peru
The coach of Peru Natalia Malaga expressed her feelings for the team after the loss against Belgium and a missed opportunity to play for a gold or silver medal in the YOG while the Belgium coach Julien Van de Vyver explained that when the team got control over their reception they could handle the attacks from Peru:

Belgium coach Julien Van de Vyver: 
"Peru has a very god team and is not easy to beat them so today I´m very happy that we were able to win. In the set we lost we were less focused but when we started to take control of our reception we were the strongest team today".

Captain Ilka Van de Vyver
"Peru has a fantastic team and I´m very happy that we could win the match."

Peru Coach Natalia Malaga:
"My player didn´t play with their heart today, they were still tired from the match of yesterday and couldn´t bring up any spirit".

Capten Clarivett Yllescas:
"Today's game was a very disappointed one, but we are still fighting for a medal and we will do our best to perform well in the next match."

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