Saturday, 4 December 2021
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"No regrets for the defeats with Belgium and Turkey, this is our current value" states Italian coach

Thai captain Sutadta Chuewulim: “Even though we lost this match we are very happy with our performance and I hope the Thai audience enjoyed the match too”.

Coach Kulchim Sanong: “My players are very tired after so many games and they did not perform all the various skills we have been testing and practicing during our training sessions, but I can not blame them. We lost against Italy and to me the Italians fully belong to the top of the international elite”.

Italian captain Letizia Camera: “At the beginning we had some problems in finding the right motivation for this match but finally we showed that we are true competitors and we are not keen to give up that easily. We really want to get the best out of the consolation pool we’ll play this weekend. Today we had some troubles as we are not that used to the way of playing Thailand displays; the players are not that tall and they play a fast volleyball, so our block was for a while not that effective, but then we adjusted to it and I think our overall performance was pretty good”.

Coach Maurizio Moretti: “This is a group with a huge potential, I have no regrets for the defeats against Belgium and Turkey, they played better than us and they deserved to qualify for the semis. This is our current value but I think there is a solid basis to work on for a bright future, also in the junior division. Today finally played good in attack and I’d say that Laura (Baggi) played her best match in the tournament, especially in the fourth set she was one of the key factors”.

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