Sunday, 16 January 2022
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Italian coach: Brazilians have special tactics our team can't cope with

Italy head coach Maurizio: "We started well, but Brazil is just too strong. We tried to block them, but we just jumped to learn that the Brazilians already spiked past our blocks. Brazil are a very strong team. We can’t cope well with their exceptional tactics. Their players have individual talents. We next take on Turkey. We have yet seen their form. However, I think they play well. We beat them before 3-2 in the European Championship. We always played 3-2 in several tournaments including matches here."

Captain Letizia Camera: "We suffered on receiving the fierce spikes from Brazil. Their offence is very exceptional, while our blocking is something else."

Brazil coach Luizomar de Moura: "It’s a good game. Whenever we play Italy, it will turn out to be a thrilling match. My team intended earlier to beat the Italians in this match and we did. I have never thought that which team we will play in the next round. I just told my players to keep their form and do their best in every match they play. We will try to make it our best one at a time."

Captain Rosane Maggioni: "After tough competition in the first round, I think we should take some rest tomorrow, our rest day, before next studying more instructions from the head coach in preparation for next matches. I think we are fortunate not to lose a single set to our rivals in the first round."



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