Monday, 17 May 2021
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Italian head coach Maurizio Moretti says the next match against Brazil is not important as Italy already advances to the top eight round

Head coach Marek Hencek
“We should win the match unless my players made too many mistakes in the fifth set. If we played the whole match as we did in the second set, I think we stood a chance to win the match. However, if so, Italy might play better also in the second and fourth sets which they already won. I don’t know yet how our prospects in the 9th-16th classification round would be since I have to see how about the other teams in that round. At least, we have to firstly beat Dominican Republic in our last match of the first round tomorrow.”

Captain Jaroslava Smatanikova
“The match against Italy is very tough, but the previous one against the Brazilians was more difficult. I’m not satisfied with the loss and my team’s performance today was also a disappointment.”

Head coach Maurizio
“We had a difficult match against Slovakia. We played well in the first, third and fifth sets, but Slovakia also came out with the stunning form in the second and fourth sets. They already proved that they are a strong team. There is only a small gap between Italy and Slovakia. We next take on Brazil. Despite the fact that it will be our toughest match in the first round, it’s not important for us as we’ve already advanced to the top eight round.”

Captain Letizia Camera
“It’s a very difficult match against Slovakia. It was as if we played the Brazilians. We played well only in the first, third and fifth sets. We have more to improve. However, I’m glad that my team won again.”



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