Monday, 17 January 2022
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"Too much pressure and too many mistakes," says Chinese coach Wang Jiaqin

Chinese captain Di Yao and her coach Wang Jiaqin
China’s captain Yao Di: “First of all my congratulations to the Peruvian girls. We were definitely too nervous and we did not perform at the level we have been displaying during our training sessions. That resulted in too many mistakes that hampered our performance; for sure we aim at playing much better in the next games of the preliminary round”.
Chinese coach Wang Jiaqin added: “My girls had not played any international match so far, so they entered the game very nervous and suffered a lot of pressure, since China is also the defending champion. We performed much worse than during our trainings, but still I believe we’ll be able to put up some good performances in the next matches. I have to say that our team is not as strong as two years ago in Mexico and some girls remained in China for the National Games, but anyway we’ll strive for the best”.
Peruvian captain Vivian Baella: “I am more than happy and so do all the other girls too. We beat China in the opening match, I mean the defending champion and a team which always deserves a lot of respect in any international volleyball competition. We could not ask for more for our opening”.
Coach Manuel Hernan concluded: “This group of girls is very popular in Peru, so that is why all their matches will be televised. They are working very hard and the coliseums are always packed anytime they play in our home country. We are more than pleased with this first victory; yesterday I said during the official press conference that we aim at finishing among the best 8 teams in this Championships, but as we beat China – to me the strongest team in this group – I feel we might probably seek even for more. Anyway, now we’ll be watching the match of Turkey against Tunisia to prepare the next games in the best possible way, for sure we can not fall asleep against such teams, otherwise we’ll have to reconsider our ambitions.

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