Friday, 21 January 2022
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In an amazing match Serbia takes revenge of the European final against Belgium

Serbia and Belgium put up a great show in today's second semifinal
Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand, July 11, 2009. In what was definitely a great match Serbia gained the second spot for the final scheduled for tomorrow defeating Belgium in four dazzling sets (25-20, 27-25, 24-26, 25-21).
The second semifinal featuring Belgium and Serbia was a remake of the gold medal match these two teams had played a few months ago at the European Championships in Rotterdam. Belgium had secured the crown there with a 3-1 win and so the girls of coach Marjana Mirosavljevic were eagerly longing for a much awaited revenge. Serbia got off with the right pace and everything worked out in the very best way even though Belgium tried a late comeback to have the set over at 25-20. Radenkovic & Co. performed very well in attacking and blocking, varying continuously their offensive solutions, but actually the Belgians were playing well below their usual standards, especially in reception, and also captain van Hecke was not at her best in that section of the game. Coach Julien van de Vyver was extremely nervous and even though he was vigorously shouting, his girls did not react the way he wanted.
Moving to the other side of the court, the Serbian coach was softly smiling to her protégés who had a great start also in the second set: captain Radenkovic was firing up her spikers in such a way that the Belgian block was often out-placed; Belgium reacted and closed up the gap up to 2 points (10-8) but again a shaky and poor reception paved the way for the Serbians who again rapidly extended their lead. Belgian middle blocker Juliette Thevenin was called back to the bench in a desperate attempt of coach van de Vyver to back up the back line and actually the match was getting more and more exciting in the crucial steps of the second set (18-16 for Serbia). Belgium finally leveled at 18 with an attack of van Hecke and a poor reception of Sara Klisura to trigger a dazzling final rush. Belgium scored four points in a row – including an ace and a direct touch of setter van de Vyver – to walk over for the first time in the match as all the girls started apparently feeling the anxiety deriving from playing the semifinal of a World Championship. With Bjelica in the serving area, Serbia leveled back at 22; after a tie at 23, Stevanovic served an ace but the battle continued until Serbia silvered the third set ball with a winning serve of Sara Klisura.
The third set was a die-or-live for Belgium and with the Serbians a bit sleepy in reception the European champions quickly moved the score to 6-1. Serbia fought back bravely at 10 with a couple of startling blocks, also against van Hecke, but right after that the Belgians scored three times in a row to re-gain – although only for a while – the control of the operations. In that section of the game Serbia was constantly struggling in the score but Klisura diverted a set ball for Belgium at 22-24 and after an amazing rally with a couple of stellar savings Bjelica tied at 24. An attack of van Hecke and a double block closed it out for the European champions amidst the great excitement of the Thai fans.
Serbia got off to a sensational start in the fourth set but Belgium was not yet keen to leave the way open that easily and with a series of double blocks van Hecke & Co. reduced the margin at mere 2 points (11-9). Back up setter Medarevic substituted captain Radenkovic for some rallies but the leader was rapidly back to the court after the Belgians had caught up at 13. Serbia enjoyed another mini-break right before the second technical break and even though van Hecke was spiking tirelessly with all her power and energy that was not enough to stop the “Belgrade express” (25-21).

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