Tuesday, 18 January 2022
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Serbia walks over Egypt and books a spot for the second round

Serbia's Aleksandra Jocic spikes powerfully over the Egyptian block
Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand, July 4, 2009. Serbia was definitely the team that displayed the greatest performance during the first competition day, with a dazzling show of strength against an ambitious German team. Therefore it looked like the second game against Egypt was going to be a mere formality for the girls who had seized the silver medal at the European Championships staged last April in Rotterdam. The tall and well conditioned Serbians were opposed to Egypt, whose line-up - the shortest among those competing here in Nakhon Ratchasima – appeared to be a sort of predestined victim after having already struggled yesterday against the hosts of Thailand. The match passed away quite flawlessly for Serbia that scored the second three-setter in as many matches at this World Championship (25-16, 25-15, 25-15).  
The difference of power and quality was to be seen quite quickly, with the girls in blue jerseys towering well above the Egyptian block and scoring also a few aces in the first set. Maja Savic made the difference during their serving turn and boosted a reassuring 16-8 lead at the second technical break. The Egyptians, however, were not keen to give up that rapidly and played with all their hearts all the way through, trying to get the best out of their skills. That was unfortunately not enough, as Jocic aced for a first set-ball and Ana Bjelica closed it out with an ordinary diagonal spike for the 25-16.
With back-up setter Farah Shafei, Egypt stayed well tuned in the opening of the second set, forcing the Serbian coach to substitute Bjelica with Lilijana Rankovic seeking for improving the efficiency of her girls in reception. That was quite a good turn, since Serbia scored three rallies in a row to call it time for the first technical break (8-7). The Egyptians lacked of consistency, could not maintain their initial pace and hence opened the way to the Serbian spikers for another impressive show of power basically from all positions, with nr 1 Sara Klisura being definitely outstanding.
The third set was more than a simple formality for Serbia (coach Milosavljevic opted even for having most of the reserve players on court) whose real ambitions in this World Championship will have to be tested out again in the next matches, starting with tomorrow’s game against host Thailand.

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