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2007 FIVB Girls' Youth World Championship
Press Conference
DOM vs. PER Press Conference


Captain Carla Rueda: "It was a well fought match but our confidence failed at the crucial moments, but Dominican Republic is a great team."

Head Coach Antonio Perez Lopez: "It was a good match that could have gone either way. But the Dominicans won the key points."


Captain Lisvel Eve: "It was a good game and we have faced Peru many times so we knew what to expect. We have had a lot of preparation matches befores this tournament."

Player Jeoselina Rodriguez: "It was a great experience and having to carry the load of our offense gave me an extra responsibility. I wanted to rise to the occasion. We just want to win one more match and move to the second round."

Head Coach Enrique Larrazaleta: "We relied on our power and serves and blocks because our passing is not good. Peru did a great job and we have the luck to have our best attacker on the front line during the key moments of the fifth set."