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2007 FIVB Girls' Youth World Championship
Match Description
Russia defeated Peru in four sets

The Russian block stopped Peru

Peru led 8-7 and 16-12 in the pauses of the first set. The Peruvians excelled in the floor defense and Keih Meneses led a balanced attack. Russia shortened the distance to 23-21 taking advantage of Peru’s reception mistakes but the South Americans resisted and won 25-21 with a disguise play by setter Zoyla La Rosa.

The second set was all for Russia with its high blocking. The Russians led 8-2 at the first technical time out and started from there to win 25-11 with the defense at the net by Ekaterina Bogacheva and Tatiana Shchukina and the offence of Anna Kiseleva.

The third set also was dominated by the Russians but with Peru a little more enthusiastic. The big and well located serves sent Russia to the victory by score of 25-19.

Once again the Russian serves proved to be the key. Olga Efimova scored directly from the service line and spread the ball superbly as Russia built a comfortable lead after the second technical time-out and took the set 25-15.