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2007 FIVB Girls' Youth World Championship
Match Description
Serbia is very near to advance

Serbians celebrating their victory

Serbia jumped to an 8-1 lead with their defense at the net combined with several unforced errors by Belgium. The good blocking continued to extend the lead to 16-7 but Belgium made an impressive comeback behind the combined action of Wittock and Van Hecke to tie at 22-22. The Belgians missed three opportunities to win the set and then were long in two attacks for Serbia to win 29-27.

The spikes of Stefana Veljkovic gave Serbia the 8-6 advantage in the first technical time-out and the difference increased as the set moved on with Malagurski and Milosavljevic contributing efforts before winning 25-18.

The third was very similar to the previous one, with the Serbian team maintaining the same consistency and committing very few errors to win 25-19.