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Press releases
Cichello and the Argentine national boys team getting ready for the Mexican Boys’ Youth World Championship

Buenos Aires, 25th July 2007 - The Boys' Youth World Championship is getting near and the Argentine National Youth Boys Team is working hard. The World Championship will take place August 15th - 26th and the team coached by Cichello is working at Cenard facilities. Meanwhile the coach talks about the present and of the important tournament ahead of the youngest Argentine National Team.

Next Thursday will finish the present training of the Youth Team and on Monday, July 30th the team will concentrate again at Cenard facilities but with the 12 names for the World Championship. "This is being a very level decision because all the boys that are here and those that already spent some time here are very talented. It is very hard to make the final list" expressed Cichello, adding: "I only hope it is as fair as possible, for those that participate and for those who don't".

With the same voice, the coach explained that the idea is to form wide groups, of at least 18 players. "We look forward to have more talented players and all those that came here have been trained to their best. They work very hard and that is the goal. Even though some might be out of some tournaments because only 12 can travel, that does not mean that they might not be considered for a next summon and any and each of them could reach the Argentine National Men Team one day".

With the 12 names, Argentina will train very hard and will face the Chilean National Men Team on two friendly matches in the first weekend of August. On the following week they will travel to the World Championship but first they will face USA - also on Pool C - to level the reality of the team. With reference to the Pool Cichello said: "This World Championship, with four pools of four teams each, gives the teams more chances of recovering than the Junior World Championship. We have to defeat USA and China because Russia is very powerful , but anyhow, in a World Championship: all the teams play".

About the team chances he added: "The idea is to stand among the best eight teams". To fulfil this, Argentina must finish second in the Preliminary Pool, as the second phase takes two Pools of four teams each, playing towards Semi-Finals. It will not be easy, but that knows the team and the coach. "To win we must have a lot of volume playing and perspire the Jersey. Luckily, we have a great group of players and to watch them train is very exciting and we know they will fight until the last ball stops" he said.


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