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2007 FIVB Boys' Youth World Championship
Press Conference
Press Conference MEX vs. BEL


Captain Leonardo Manzo: "I think we played well and we did our best effort but the Belgium team was better."

Head Coach Jorge Azair: "Our serves had to be aggressive and we lost many points on failed serves in the first two sets. Then we stabilized a little and gave them more problems receiving. I hope we can play better in the next matches."


Captain Bram Van den Dries: "We served good and their reception was not so well, so we could position very well for the blocking. I am very happy with our performance tonight."

Head Coach Emile Rousseaux: "I want to congratulate Mexico for their play tonight. They seemed to enjoy the match. About our team, I can tell that we have more experience than the Mexican and I think that was the difference. We are coming from finishing in third place at the European Championship. What I really liked about my players is that they stayed cool and calm during the whole match."