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2007 FIVB Boys' Youth World Championship
Press Conference
First victory ever for Iran in a team sport competition


Captain Li Runming: "Despite we lost the match, we did nothing to be ashamed. They showed more maturity and better technique. They deserve all the credit and for now I only have to say that the next time we play against them, we are going to win."

Head Coach Li Mu: "First of all, congratulations to Iran. The second place is good for us. It has been a great experience for us and I am satisfied with the big effort made by my players. The difference tonight was the experience of the Iranian players. They have a lot of victories and the most important thing is their mental strength to win the important points especially in the fifth set. Their defence and serves were also very good."


Captain Ashkan Derakhshan: "There is a big difference between the gold medal of the Asian Championship and this one in the World Championship. I cannot explain my feelings right now but I am really happy. In 2007, we have won two gold medals and there is a lot of satisfaction. This victory is very big, because it is the first time ever a sport team win a world championship. Before us, no other team of Iran had won a world championship, so I am delighted with this one for my country."

Head Coach Cvetkovic Jovica: "Even we were prepared for the match, this one was very difficult. I think the eight teams in the second round had the chance to win the championship. I believed in my guys, but we had to play up to our best in the semi final and the final to survive. China was a great team today, but my team was just a little bit better. I really believe that our physical preparation was a plus, because we were prepared to go five sets and we showed it tonight. Finally I want to congratulate to all participants players and teams in this great world championship and to thank the organizers for their hospitality during our stay here."