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2007 FIVB Boys' Youth World Championship
Press Conference
Iran: "We will work harder"

Iran and Puerto Rico captains

Mr. Jovica Cvetkovic – Iran Head Coach: “Very good match and difficult for both teams. The third set defined the match and made the difference. We will work harder for the next matches, this is a strong tournament and difficult”

Mr. Ashkan Derakhshan – Iran Team Captain: “Very happy for the victory. Today we played a strong match against Puerto Rico”

Mr. Carlos Rodríguez – Puerto Rico Head Coach: “We had many problem in all the match, there were good moments for us and others not so good. I understand that we can surpass this and we will continue working for that, this is a long championship”.

Mr. Edgardo González – Puerto Rico Team Captain: “We must forget this match and now concentrate for Cuba. We know their game and will work hard for the first victory tomorrow”.