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2007 FIVB Boys' Youth World Championship
Press Conference
Brazilians leave with positive note


Captain Mandeep Singh: "The most important thing is how the team performs and not the individual awards as the leading scorer. We wanted to win a medal, so the eighth place is some kind disappointing for us."

Head Coach Bir Singh Yadav: "When we arrived here we were aiming toward a semi final berth and possibly to win one of the medals. China and Iran will go for the gold medal and I think we are at the same level with them and as matter of fact we defeated Iran in the second round. So I am not satisfied with this end."


Captain Murilo Radke: "Well, we finished the world championship with a victory. It really does not have an important effect but at least we leave with something positive."

Head Coach Antonio Marcos Lerba: "I think we didn’t play well in this competition but it is a formation job. Our players are good and I am sure that in future competitions they will play better than here. A lot of time things don’t happen the way you want, but it is like life, not everything goes on your way. The important thing is to learn from the losses and to improve as persons and as sport men."