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2007 FIVB Boys' Youth World Championship
Press Conference
Rousseaux: "We showed good mentality and spirit


Captain Murilo Radke: "We started playing well and then we fell down. We recovered but then played bad. At the end, we made a comeback but could not close the match. Our play was really inconsistent with a lot of ups and downs."

Head Coach Antonio Marcos Lerba: "The outcome of the match reflexes the kind of campaign we have had in this championship. The team is insecure and make many mistakes. I think we are playing for the places we deserve, because I don’t have a team to play for the top positions."


Captain Bram Van den Dries: "I think is possible for us to finish in the fifth position. India and Poland are both strong teams, but I like our chances against them."

Player Ruben van Hirtum: "Before the match we thought about the challenge of playing against Brazil. It was a very close game and I am very happy with the victory. It has been a great honour to play against the Brazilians."

Head Coach Emile Rousseaux: "I think the key for us was to win the second set 30-28. That gave us the confidence about our chances of one little country to defeat one of the famous teams in the world. It was important the mentality and spirit my players showed and that is something I expect from them. In the third set, the serves of Van den Dries were also important. He served 8 or 9 times without scoring points but created many problems to Brazil. I also have to give credit to two players who did a great job defensively, Kevin Klinkenberg receiving and also my libero Van Renterghem."