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2007 FIVB Boys' Youth World Championship
Press Conference
Germany: "We played with great passion"

Mr. Söhnke HINZ – Germany Head Coach: “Russia played a great game, but my team worked good in the service. Today my players played with great passion on the court. Maybe both teams will face again this Sunday. Tonight we proved again tjat because of one bad match in the first round, my team was out from the eight best teams in the world“

Mr. Denys Kaliberda – Germany Team Captain: “Very happy we beat Russia, all the team played at good level and totally concentrated”

Mr. Andrey Voronkov – Russia Head Coach: “This result is only to  relax my team, we played after an easy match yesterday against Tunisia, and all day are totally relax and looked for the result. Also Germany served very good and that created problems to the poor concentration of  my players”.

Mr. Ruslan Moskvin – Russia Team Captain: “Now we are not favorite for next match. Only go to beat any opponent and play Sunday for the ninth place”